Once More In Grave Danger


«Scene: Werewolf Safiria chained up in the shadow void»

She had been trapped here since… she wasn't sure when.
She's outside of time here.
It's made her lose all sense of it.

«Safiria pulls against the chains»

She knows there's someone here guarding her.
She can't see them, but she can sense their presence.
She wonders why they even bother? She couldn't escape from this place even if she wanted to.
There's nothing here but these chains and the darkness.

«Scene fades»

As you sleep after your latest battle, Memet the Nightmare Moglin invades your dreams with a dire message from Dage the Good, one of the Lords of the Mirror Realm..

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Memet and Dage the Good appear on a black screen»

Dage the Good: Greetings, my friend!

Hero: Oh, man. This looks familiar.
Hero: More trouble in the Mirror Realm, I take it?

Dage the Good: l, uh… well, yes.
Dage the Good: As I was just about to tell you: Our worlds are once more in grave danger!

Hero: This is about Lycan Queen Safiria, isn't it? You guys never did find her, I take it.

Dage the Good: Man, you're really messing up my rhythm!
Dage the Good: But yes. We think it is. And this time…

Hero: We have to save her.

Dage the Good: We have to save her!

«Memet does a flashy power thing and Mirror Drakath appears»

Mirror Drakath: According to Memet-

Hero: !!! How'd you get here?!

Memet: (*whisper* You're dreaming. Don't overthink it.) Hi, Sparkly Drakath!

Mirror Drakath: -Your Safiria, the Vampire Queen, came back to life sometime last year.

Hero: Two years ago, I think.

Memet: Wow! Has it really been that long? Time flies!

Mirror Drakath: …Anyway.
Mirror Drakath: Our Safiria is still missing, so the reappearance of yours has brought our worlds back out of balance.
Mirror Drakath: We must find her!

Dage the Good: Luckily, we have a lead.

«Memet flashes and Gravleyn appears»

Gravelyn: Hi, everyone.

Hero: How many people are in here?!

Memet: Too many! Do you know how hard these conference calls are?

Gravelyn: For any of you who might need a recap - part of my father's spirit is trapped in the Doomblade.
Gravelyn: Another piece remains in the shadows that once surrounded the Queen of Monsters. Her… shadow void, I guess you'd call it.
Gravelyn: Through that other shard of his spirit, my father can sense Safiria's presence.
Gravelyn: He's certain that's where she's being held… and that she's still alive.

Hero: So… what's the plan? How are we going to get there?

Gravelyn: Leave that to me.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Gravelyn, with the Doomblade, and the Hero in Shadowfall»

Gravelyn: My father has always had a connection with the shadows.
Gravelyn: With a piece of his spirit inside it, this blade…

«Gravelyn swipes the Doomblade and an orange portal appears in the air»

Gravelyn: I can cut an opening through the world and take us there.
Gravelyn: I'm not sure how far from them it will take us.
Gravelyn: But I'm hoping the blade's connection with that other piece of his spirit will bring us close.

«Scene fades»

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