Omom to the Rescue


«Scene: Etherstorm War.»

«Galanoth is now untied and Omom offers a fruit again.»

«X'dir and As'iiur are seen in the background. Desoloth arrives.»

Desoloth: My minion was correct. You truly are what I expected, and did as I surmised you would. My thanks.

As'iiur: Y-you — X'dir PROMISED! My Master's children will be SAFE now! I — I will be spared once you rule!
As'iiur: I brought you the only threat in all of Lore! Galanoth is yours! Take him, slay him, do what you will!

«Desoloth comes closer.»

Desoloth: Trust me, little coward. I will.

«Galanoth picks up his sword.»

«Scene fades.»

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