Olivia Brambilla

Maestro of Taste
Kings and Wars will come and go, but the people will always want a slice of pizza pie! Are you here for a bite? I promise, a meat lover's deluxe is far more filling than a lukewarm healing potion. Unless, you're here for work? I'm always short on the good stuff, not the farmer fresh veggies, we have a lot of that. The good stuff is monster meat and veggies that fight back. I bet you have the gusto to help me out!

My pizzeria has a long…ish history of serving the people of Swordhaven. King Alteon said this was his favorite restaurant, and I did not guilt trip his family into saying that. It's true! We wouldn't be open if it weren't for King Alteon taking the throne from the previous tyrant. In fact, my restaurant was built on top of an orphanage that scoundrel closed down…haha, well the orphans don't need this building anymore.

Slimes are in abundance and we love local ingredients! It got me wondering, what else could I make with Greenguard's bounty? Spiced Frogzard Steak, Fishman Marinera, or even Seed Spitter Pesto for the vegetarians. Any of those sound good to you? Of course they do! Lately, purple vegetation has been springing up in the forests too. Fortune favors the bold! Let's add that to the menu.

If you have any complaints about the food, blame it on my smelly neighbor! The Helm Shop is a forge, which means smoke billows out of their chimney long into the night. Smell makes a huge difference when it comes to tasting food. Pizza wouldn't taste like anything if you had a stuffy nose, and it's worse when my sis- I mean, that thick headed helm smith makes this side of Swordhaven so smokey!

- Swordhaven Pizza Shop Owner's Quest

Location: Swordhaven
Note: Also see Swordhaven Pizza Shop Owner.


Thanks to Tempu.

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