Old King Coal

Before completing Nurse Marie-Neige's Quests:

King of the Ice Elementals
*wheeze wheeze* ……zzzzzz….. *cough* I'm sorry, mortal. I'm feeling too ill to talk right now. Please speak to Nurse Marie-Neige.

- Old King Coal's Quest

After completing Nurse Marie-Neige's Quests:

King of the Ice Elementals
Thank you, young hero *cough cough*. I'm still not… *aaah-ahh-achooo!* … agh… I'm still not feeling like my old self. Elementals cannot be cured *sniffle* like you Humans are. The virus is much tougher *cough* than in your kind. Will you be willing to help me out?

The viral bugs that cause the common cold are still inside me. Unlike Human terminology, Elementals literally get bug viruses. I need a young hero *cough cough* like you yourself to hunt these bugs from within. Yes, this means just as it sounds: You are going to travel inside my frozen self.

That sounds cold!
Dont *sniffle* worry, hero. The cold makes things shrink or compress, right? With my Ice Elemental magic, I can shrink you down to the size of these viral bugs. Travel inside and… *aaah-choo!* …destroy as many bugs as it takes to kill the common cold.

Leave it to me!
Thank you for your *sniffle* interest in helping not only me, but the world of Lore itself.

- Swallowed
- Old King Coal's Quest

After defeating the Rhinovirus:

King of the Ice Elementals
I feel so much better now! Thank you, and Lore thanks you too. I will finally be able to return to my duties as King of the Ice Elementals. Don't worry; I won't push myself too hard until I am 100% better.

- Old King Coal's Shop
- Old King Coal's Quest

Location: King Coal
Note: Also see Frost King.


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