Oishii's Harvest Shop



  • Must have completed Oishii's Quests in order to access this shop.
  • Previously called "Oishii's Shop".
Oishii's Harvest Shop 16
Name Price
Sword_Table.png Sword Fish 10,000 Gold
Axe_Table.png Meat Cleaver 100 Gold
Dagger_Table.png Turkey Baster 500 Gold
Mace_Table.png Cursed Fish 10,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Giant Wooden Spoon 8,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Pink Grumpy Fish 100 Gold
Mace_Table.png Turdraken Leg legendsmall.png 5,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Turkey Leg 100 Gold
class_table.png No Class 1 Gold
Armor_Table.png Potato Sack 10,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Apple Head the Arrow Magnet 15,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Beaded Native Headband 1,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Bonnet 1,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Braided hair Chef Hat 5,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Chef Hat 1,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Mustached Chef Hat legendsmall.png 5,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Native Chief Hat legendsmall.png 18,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Native Feathered Hat legendsmall.png 1,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Pilgrim Hat 5,000 Gold
Pet_Table.png ButterBomb (Pet) legendsmall.png 5,000 Gold
Pet_Table.png Gobbler legendsmall.png 5,000 Gold
Pet_Table.png Turkey Drake Pet legendsmall.png 25,000 Gold

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