OH NO! (2)


«Scene: Yulgar holds up a fish-ice-cream-burger with Hans, Twilly, and the Hero in Yulgar's Inn»

Yulgar: And here it is! One VERY special fish-ice-cream-burger for our contest winner… Twig!

Twig: YAY! It wooks so yummy!

«Twig starts stuffing his face with the fish-ice-cream-burger»

Twig: Mmmm-mmm! This is AMAZING!

«Twig lowers the burger»

Twig: *BURP! Oh, excuse me!

Yulgar: Another satisfied customer!

Twig: Oooh… I don't feew so good…

Hero: Uh oh.

«Twilly explodes and turns into the Burglinster»


«The Burglinster flips a table»

Hero: Uh oh.

Hans: *whimper

«Yulgar facepalms»

Yulgar: I was right! This recipe is a monstrosity - and now Twig is, too!
Yulgar: You gotta help me fix this mess - before he destroys my inn!

«Scene fades»

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