Oh No! (1)


«Scene: Kezeroth attacks Karok»

Kezeroth: You cannot win, Karok.
Kezeroth: Your Frostspawn horde has been decimated. Your power has been depleted.
Kezeroth: Surrender to me now. You have already lost.

Karok: Never!
Karok: I won't stop until I've had my vengeance on the Queen of Monsters and conquered Lore for myself!
Karok: Kezeroth, please! Neither of us can defeat her alone. But together, we can rule-

«Kezeroth knocks Karok away»

«Scene fades to white»

Kezeroth: Enough!

«Scene: Karok lies on the ground, defeated»

Karok: Kezeroth… brother…

Kezeroth: How weak you are. Why would I ally myself with a pathetic creature like you?

«Kezeroth grabs Karok and lifts him off the ground»

Kezeroth: You would only hold me back.

«Karok lifts his head and smiles»

Karok: Heh, heh, heh.

«Karok starts glowing»

Kezeroth: What is this?!

Karok: You may be stronger than me.
Karok: But you are NOT more powerful.

«Chains appear around Kezeroth's wrists»

Karok: And now, your will belongs to me.

«Kezeroth, bound to follow Karok's orders, releases him»

Karok: If I can't get you to follow me willingly, then I'll do it with this binding spell.
Karok: It makes no difference to me.

«Scene: the Hero, Syrrus, and Abel hiding behind some pillars»

Abel: Oh, no!

Syrrus: We've made a terrible mistake!

Hero: This definitely didn't go the way I was hoping.

«Scene: Karok and Kezeroth»

Karok: Did you think I wouldn't notice what you were doing, Syrrus?
Karok: You convinced so many of my allies to fight my Frostspawn Horde, and help my brother.

«Scene: Hero, Syrrus, and Abel»

Syrrus: I wasn't doing it to help Kezeroth!

«Scene: Karok and Kezeroth»

Karok: Oh, yes. I know.
Karok: You thought you could use my brother to take me down.
Karok: And it worked, in a way. He did beat me, after all.
Karok: But I still prevailed in the end.

«Scene: Hero, Syrrus, and Abel»

Hero: We'll still beat you, Karok! You won't win!

«Scene: Karok and Kezeroth»

Karok: Oh, please.

Kezeroth: There's no need for us to waste our time on these insects, my brother.
Kezeroth: My SEISMIC MOLE will take care of them.

«The area starts shaking»

«Scene: Hero, Syrrus, and Abel»

Hero: Hey, we were ready to take on both of those jerks!
Hero: Whatever this is, we can handle it!

«The Soricomorpha jumps out at them»

Hero: Man, I really need to stop saying things like that!

«The Hero readies their weapon»

«Scene fades»

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