Oblivion Gate


«Scene: A orange portal while unknown people talk in front of it»

???: Do not fail to properly align the matrices! I will not take the blame for your error when the Evil one's plot begins.

!!!: No, General! All is ready. The Commander's plan will go off without a bang… exactly as he intends.

«Screen flashes white and shows three Legion Members in front of the orange portal»
«Two Legion Members are kneeling on the ground holding up their hands that flash a white and blue light»
«Another Legion Member (Laken) stands in front of them as the portal turns blue»

«Screen flashes again and fades in on Laken's face»

Laken: Bringing the Archfiend's Gate under LEGION control… The Commander will be pleased.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Dage the Evil and Lake with the Legion in front of the portal»

Laken: Now is the time for all undead to come to the aid of their overlord!
Laken: Undead Legion! WHAT do you fight for?

Legion Member: Dage!

Legion Member 2: For the Evil!

Legion Member 3: Death 4 EVR!!!

Legion Member 4: PONIES and LOLLIPOPS!

«Screen zooms in on Dage the Evil and Laken»
«Laken puts his hand on his sword and looks at Dage the Evil»
«Dage the Evil nods his head»
«The screen moves to Legion Member 4 in the Legion crowd»
«Lightning comes from the sky and knocks down the Legion Member»
«Screen moves back to Dage the Evil and Laken»

Dage the Evil: There is no place for… humor… in my Legion.
Dage the Evil: Your last encounter with that overbloated wyrm's forces, was disastrous. It was… unfortunate. It will not happen again.
Dage the Evil: And, if you give your unlives, your souls over to me entirely, you will not. I have taken steps to ENSURE that you shall not fail me again!

«Screen fades and fades back in showing Dilligaf and Nulgath in front of the orange portal»

Dilligaf: The time for idle chatter is over. The battle is won, but the war is far from over.
Dilligaf: The pretender has many slave, but few warriors. Nation, ready your blades, for tomorrow we die!

«Screen zooms outs showing Nulgath's Followers»

Nulgath Follower: Archfiend!

Nulgath Follower 2: Slay the apprentice!

Nulgath Follower 3: Death to the Undead!

Nulgath Follower 4: DIIIIIIE!

«Nulgath puts his hand in a fist»

«Screen zooms in on a Nulgath Follower»

Nulgath Follower 5: I = I changed my mind! I don't want to die!

«Screen moves to Nulgath where The Overfiend blade slowly turns red than detonate's the Nulgath Follower»
«Screen moves to where the Nulgath Follower used to be and now lays a axe»
«Screen moves back to Dilligaf and Nulgath»

Nulgath: Never waste a good weapon. Or time on something that is… not.

Dilligaf: The Legion approaches! Let them think they drive us forward. Then turn on them! Win or die! For the Archfiend!

«Screen fades»
«Screen fades back in showing the Nulgath Followers and Legion Members facing off»

«Screen moves to Laken»

Laken: NOW!!

«Screen moves to the portal which turns blue and shows»


«The Legion Disappears through the portal»
«Screen moves to Nulgath»

Nulgath: No! This is not the time!

Dage the Evil:Excellent.

«Scene fades»

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