Servant of Nulgath (Unknown Entity)
Why do you come here, mortal? Do you search for easy treasure? Perhaps you feel entitled to great rewards? Hah! Be warned - this place has no rhyme or reason! Everything you think should be will never be. Is that hard to comprehend? Leave here! This place will eat you alive child… or drive you mad.

Talk raresmall.png
Hssssssss……..I have nothing to offer someone as fragile as you. Go now to your Battleon, lest you scratch your shiny, unused armor or are slain by a baby moglin.

The ArchFiends of the Abyss draw power from the eternal darkness, and wash over their foes in a wave of carnage. Do you seek to join the ranks and remain forever loyal to the Abyss?

- ArchFiend Class
- ArchFiend Merge
- ArchFiend Quests

- DoomLord Quests
- Void Paladin Quests
- Lesser Bloodbeacon Polearm (Shop) (Must have Nulgath Challenge Pet to access this button)
- Rares Shop raresmall.png

Location: Tercessuinotlim


Thanks to Hina.

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