Oaklore (3) (Cutscene)


«Red Dragon appears. Change scene, Hero is running towards Dragon»


«Hero attacks Dragon, kills it. Zoom outs, Galanoth present»

Galanoth: That was the finest Dragon-slayer Dragon-slaying I've seen in years!
Galanoth: You'd be a welcome member of the Order of DragonSlayers.

Hero: That battle took this attack (and my EXP!) to a whole new level!

«Change scene, a confrontation.

As the Red Dragon attacked Oaklore Keep, Sepulchure's army moved on to its next target…

«Change scene, Sepulchure's dragoncastle flying above Swordhaven.

Swordhaven, home of the King Alteon the Good!

«Change scene, Artix, Alina, Hero and Twilly inside a building»

Artix: My friend, Oaklore Keep stands strong thanks to you!

Twilly: But you aren't done yet, <Hero>! There's still the rest of the undead army!

Alina: If you need more supplies, you can always stop in the town of Battleon, just down the road.

Artix: But hurry, the people of Swordhaven need you!
Artix: With your skill and bravery, Sepulchure's army does not stand a chance!

«Scene fades»

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