Oaklore (3) (Cutscene)


«Red Dragon appears. Change scene, Hero is running towards Dragon»


«Hero attacks Dragon, kills it. Zoom outs, Galanoth present»

Galanoth: That was the finest Dragon-slayer I've seen in years!
Galanoth: You'd be a welcome member of the Order of DragonSlayers.

Hero: That battle took this attack (and my EXP!) to a whole new level!

«Change scene, a confrontation. Subtitles: "As the Red Dragon attacked Oaklore Keep, Sepulchure's army moved on to its next target…" Change scene, Sepulchure's dragoncastle flying above Swordhaven. Subtitles: "Swordhaven, home of the King Alteon the Good!" Change scene, Artix, Alina, Hero and Twilly inside a building»

Artix: My friend, Oaklore Keep stands strong thanks to you!

Twilly: But you aren't done yet, <Hero>! There's still the rest of the undead army!

Alina: If you need more supplies, you can always stop in the town of Battleon, just down the road.

Artix: But hurry, the people of Swordhaven need you!
Artix: With your skill and bravery, Sepulchure's army does not stand a chance!

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