Oaklore (2) (Cutscene)


  • Oaklore - Plays when entering Screen 16

«Scene: Rolith and Sir Prise Prize in middle of battle of Oaklore»

Rolith: Knights, DEFEND THE KEEP!

Sir Prise Prize: Where are they all coming from?!

«Scene changes to inside the Keep with Undead General and Undead Knight while udnead militia pass by»

Undead General: FOR SEPULCHURE!

Undead Knight: RAWRRRRWRRR!

«Scene changes to dragon in mid air, Warlic and knights see the dragon»

Warlic: !!!

«Scene fades, scene changes to Sir Junn, Sir Vivor and Sir Reptitious in some other area of the battle»

Sir Junn: Keep them away from the wounded!

Sir Vivor: Our numbers are even… for now!

Sir Reptitious: If there aren't any sneaking around, you mean.

«Scene changes to Hero attacking an Undead with Sir Veyor in the background»

Hero: So if this is a surprise test, what's the extra credit like?

Sir Veyor: You'll see… if you survive!

«Scene changes to Hero and Galanoth inside a building»

Galanoth: We're winning! The invaders left are weak, and we can take them out easily now.

Hero: (points to the sky) That doesn't look weak to me! It looks like…

Galanoth: Your final exam! Defeat that, and you will be ready to take on anything!

«Scene fades»

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