Oaklore (1) (Cutscene)


  • Oaklore - Plays when first joining the map

«Scene fades in. Hero is on the edge of a precipice. Change scene. Middle of a battle. Dragon flies away. Change scene. Sepulchure and his army of Undead present.»

Sepulchure: We will take this land in the name of EVIL!!
Sepulchure: For the ShadowScythe! CHAAAAAAAARGE!

«Dragon flies above Sepulchure. Change scene, dragon approaching castle, dragon throws flames at castle and puts the whole place in flames. Hero appears and jumps on top of the dragon. Dragon goes to ground, Hero jumps off and confronts some Undead militia. Change scene, castle in the background, in the frontground a crater and near it Squire Ash.»

Squire Ash: You're HERE! The Knight Captain said the help we needed would arrive today…
Squire Ash: He said they had talents and abilities beyond ordinary folk, and I'd be able to see it.
Squire Ash: And I can! You're exactly who we need to save us!
Squire Ash: We need our Hero now more than ever. The undead army is attacking all over Oaklore!
Squire Ash: You've got to come with me to the Keep.
Squire Ash: Once you're there, they'll make sure you have the knowledge you need to fight the battles ahead!

«Scene fades»

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