Nythera Weakness


  • Triggers when Aisha's Drake is defeated for the first time - Guwio Village

Aisha: You… you…
Aisha: You have seen nothing yet!

«Aisha transforms into a dragon, Nythera comes in with something in her hand»

Hero: Nythera, no you can't-

Nythera: Hmph. Do not tell me what to do. This is my choice.
Nythera: Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

«Nythera makes herself into a dragon and fights Aisha, the Hero jumps out with the blast, goes back to find Nythera»

Hero: That was amazing! The way you faced her and how you were all like—

Nythera: Leave me alone.

Hero: Huh? Are you okay?

Nythera: I need to be left alone for a bit. Please. Just go. Go back to Guwio and let Adak know he has nothing else to worry about… for now…

Hero: Nyth- Nythera: Go!

Nythera: This… power… it is amazing… but no… no… it's Chaos… it is beyond evil…

«The Chaos twins appear at the sides»

Nythera: Who are you two?

Xing: We are your friends…

Xang: …and we are here to guide you on the right path.

Nythera: Hmph. Really now? And which path would that be?

Xing and Xang: You already know.

«Nythera's eyes glow purple»

«Scene fades»

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