Nythera's Freedom


«Hero defeat the Void Dragon and it explodes, Nythera is in the scene in dragon form»

Nythera: Hero… you saved me… even after the way I treated you…

Hero: Oh, it was nothing, really. This sort of thing happens to me all the time.

Nythera: Don't be so humble! You risked your life to save me… multiple times… even though I foolishly sided with Chaos.
Nythera: But now I'm afraid it's too late! My destiny has to be fulfilled…

Hero: Says who? The Void Dragon that I just pwned?


Hero: Nythera, don't you see? Your destiny cannot be influenced by others if you don't let it!
Hero: No matter the circumstances, YOU always have a choice as to how your destiny plays out.
Hero: I had the choice to side with Good or Evil. Just like you had the choice to side with Chaos.
Hero: But it's never too late to change your path! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Hero: This is YOUR destiny, Nythera. Take matters into your own hands… erm, claws… and do what you feel is right.

Nythera: I never thought of it like that. Thank you… you truly are a hero in more ways than one.
Nythera: So whaddya say? You wanna get out of here?

Hero: Oh, I dunno… after all bonding I did with that cuddly Void Larva…
Hero: Let's get out of there. This place gives me the creeps.

«Hero rides Nythera and teleports off The Void»

Villagers: Welcome back, Nythera!

Nythera: It's good to be home1 Now, how about we start repairing Guwio Village?

«Scroll right, Chaos Twins»

The End?

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