Nythera's Destiny?


«Nythera and Void Dragon in The Void»

Void Dragon: Nythera. It pleases me that you heeded my summon so quickly.
Void Dragon: You were correct in thinking that The Void could unleash your true Chaotic potential.
Void Dragon: Chaos is the most powerful thing ever, as you now know. Chaos is a commitment that cannot be broken.
Void Dragon: Your destiny is here and now, Nythera. Are you ready to fulfill it?

Nythera: Yes, Great Void Dragon.

Void Dragon: Excellent!
Void Dragon: Now that you have made your commitment, I too can fulfill my own destiny!
Void Dragon: Your ultimate sacrifice will allow me to become the most powerful being in not only The Void, but also in the world of Lore!

Nythera: …my ultimate sacrifice?

Void Dragon: Yes Nythera. You must sacrifice yourself to me as you have already done with Chaos.
Void Dragon: And then NOTHING in either realm can stop me!

Nythera: But… Great Void Dragon… the two of us could team up together and become the most feared duo in the universe!

Void Dragon: Teaming up with the likes of you would only make me less powerful.
Void Dragon: You are a weak link, Nythera. You have sacrificed everything to Chaos, and even in doing so, you are still not strong enough.
Void Dragon: You are committed to your destiny, Nythera.
Void Dragon: Only ONE dragon can be the greatest.
Void Dragon: And that dragon is ME.

«Void Dragon launches an attack, but Hero arrives just in time to defend Nythera»

Hero: STOP!

Void Dragon: You wish to meet the same fate as Nythera, mortal? She has already given herself to Chaos. You are too late. Her destiny will be fulfilled.

Hero: No matter how chaorrupted Nythera may seem, the real Nythera is still very much alive! And I won't let ANYONE get in the way of helping my friend!

Void Dragon: Then your destiny will be fulfilled alongside your friend's!

«Void Dragon attacks»

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