Nythera (NPC)

Head of the Player Support Team
Greetings, hero! I'm so glad you're here. The player support team is here to help any hero like you having problems with their AdventureQuest Worlds account.

But remember - this world can be dangerous. We have rules in place to help everyone play friendly and fair, and help keep you safe.
Click the button below to see the rules, then complete my quest to unlock a reward, achievement, and character page badge!

Scroll of Rules

While you are in Lore, please…

1) Do not bot, cheat, or use any programs to help you play.
2) Do not share, trade, giveaway or sell your account.
3) Do not share your password, or ask anyone else for their password.
4) Do not harass, insult, or threaten any other players.
5) Do not upgrade players' accounts, or use their payment information.

1) Be friendly! Help other players.
2) Follow the rules. Be a good example!
3) Report players who are not following the rules.
4) Be honest when contacting staff. Help us help you!
5) Enjoy playing AdventureQuest Worlds!

- Nythera's Quests
- See Full List


Note: Also see Nythera (Monster).

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