Nythera (NPC)

Purple Mage
Hmph. Where have you been? I have been looking all over the place for you. Now that Aisha's army has backed off, the time has come for my plan to take effect…We still need to spilt up into two groups. One will sneak through the back door of Aisha's Fortress with Adak, the other will Charge through the gates with me. It is up to you to decide which path:

Charge the Fortress
Brute force dominates all, you say? I like the way you think. In order to break into the Fortress, we will need to harness a power greater than both magic and strength combined… a power known as Chaos. It is risky, yes, but without the Chaos Gemeralds, we have no chance at stopping Aisha's reign.

- Quest (Charge)
- I'd rather Sneak

Sneak into Fortress
Sneaking through the back gate to the Fortress is a wise decision. However, there is a Cipher on the gate that needs to be decoded in order to enter. Intelligence and Wisdom plays a huge role here. Are you able to decode the Cipher in time to stop Aisha's reign?

- Quest (Sneak)
- I'd rather Charge

Hmph. What do YOU want? Help? Pfft. I suppose I could help you. But I'm going to need something in return. A mage needs resources and spell components, and YOU are going to get them for me. If you DO, I will give you a way to get to the Void. How did I know that? *eyeroll* I'm NYTHERA, that's how.

Have you been to the Void yet, Hero? Meh, doesn't matter if you have. What matters is that you're going, and you might not come back. It's a strange, wild place. Don't venture off the paths. That way lies insanity. Hmph. Most ways in the Void lead to insanity, if I'm being fair.

- Nythera's Quests
- Royal UndeadSlayer Shop


Note: Also see Nythera (Monster).

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