Nythera Found


«Nythera messing around with Chaos Crystals, Hero comes up to her»

Hero: Nythera?

Nythera: …Hmph. Took you long enough.

Hero: Wait, what? You were expecting me?

«Nythera's eyes glow purple»

Nythera: Your feeble mind cannot possibly comprehend the marvelous power Chaos awards. Anything, I could ever hope for is granted by Chaos.
Nythera: And this includes foresight.
Nythera: Chaos is the strongest force I have ever come to know-and that's saying something considering my history is magic meddling.

Hero: It's freezing out here, Nythera. And look at how you're dressed! You're just not thinking clearly-

Nythera: On the contrary. My mind has never been more clear.
Nythera: I have found harmony with Chaos, and Chaos has found harmony with me.

Hero: Well I'm not going back to the Village without you!

Nythera: Of course you were going to say that.

Hero: Foresight?

Nythera: Not this time. You are just too predictable.


Nythera: And we both know what's going to happen next.

«Nythera runs away»

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