Nythera Attacked


«Nythera in dragon form and Hero»

Nythera: How… how could you…attack your friend?

Hero: WHAT! But you ATTACKED me!

Nythera: Why would I ever attack a friend? That really hurts. And there you are, accusing Chaos of clouding MY judgement. Just who is the confused one here?

Hero: …..But…..but…..

Nythera: I guess I cannot blame your ignorance. Chaos makes everything just… so… clear.
Nythera: But now I finally understand! All thanks to you, friend.
Nythera: This pettty world cannot harness the supremacy that is Chaos. I was fooling myself to think a physicial world could unleash Chaos' true potential.
Nythera: I guess everyone is a little bit ignorant. Hmph.
Nythera: But we learn from our mistakes! Isn't that right?

Hero: Nythera… please, listen to me… listen to your friend! Chaos is a terrible and horrible thing that—

«Nythera charges up an attack, then engulfs it»

Nythera: ENOUGH! I will not sit by and listen to you badmouth my NEW friend!
Nythera: This world and all her inhabitants will never fully grasp Chaos!
Nythera: The time has come for a new world… a place comprised of pure Chaos where WE can unleash our true Chaotic potential!

«Nythera launches an attack to the air and disappears»

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