Nulgath Would Never Bow


«Scene: Dage and the Hero in front of the renewed Soul Forge»

Dage the Evil: Ahhh. That’s MUCH better.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Nulgath, the Hero and Dage in front of the Soul Forge»

Nulgath: Of course this is what draws you out of hiding.
Nulgath: The Forge is mine.
Nulgath: Your victory here is only temporary.

Dage the Evil: Look at him, <Hero>? These… shadows that surround him.
Dage the Evil: Nulgath would never bow to anyone… certainly not Malgor.

«Scene: Close up of Dage and Nulgath»

Dage the Evil: This didn’t work out the way you planned, did it?
Dage the Evil: You pretended to ally with Malgor to get access to the Underworld.
Dage the Evil: You wanted to take it for yourself.
Dage the Evil: But he saw through you. He made you his… against your will.

Nulgath: None of this matters. I’ve still won.
Nulgath: You’re NOT the ruler of the Underworld anymore.

Dage the Evil: Ha. Don’t get cocky.
Dage the Evil: You haven’t taken it from me yet.

«Scene fades»

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