Nulgath (NPC)

Archfiend of the Oversoul, Oversoul Game Lead & AQWorlds Artist
This is ridiculous. Why am I here? The Archfiend of the Oversoul does not attend conventions! Do they think I have nothing better to do? I would destroy you if I did not think you would serve me better as a loyal minion.

In addition to ruling the Oversoul, I'm also the creator of the Oversoul game. Although most of my time is spent working on it, I still create armors, weapons and even a class for AQWorlds to reward my minions for their loyalty.

- Artist Showcase: Nulgath



Thanks to Aeryn, Apus, Malak93, mturf, PkerSlayer, Raionae, Rezurrect, Skyguard ninja, SlyCooperFan1, Valoroth and .Shadow//.

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