Master of Shadows
I am Emperor Daisho's spy. It's my job to hear and see threats to the Emperor or Princess Miko before anyone else. I have discovered such a threat right under our noses. Someone has found a way to use our own shadows as weapons! Can you help me save my masters?

I am just not not just a spy, I am also master assassin but the soft-hearted Princess Miko has forbidden me to practice my deadly arts. It's a shame. I was once feared as much as the darkness itself, now I'm a glorified gossip-monger. Maybe one day she will see the need for my others skills.

- Nukemichi's Quests legendsmall.png
- Ninja Warrior (Shop)



  • Replaced by Kage (NPC) after completing the 'Shadow Battle' quest.
  • Nukemichi (抜け道) means "Loophole" in Japanese.

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