Noxus Assault (ShadowFall War)


«Scene: Hero, Beleen, and Cysero stand silhouetted in front of the Necropolis.»

Beleen: Whoa… the Necropolis!

Hero: Noxus, the Lich, should be in his study.

Beleen: Major boss fight time! I can't wait!

Cysero: Something is wrong here…

Beleen: Wrong? … How could anything be MORE wrong than us standing in front of the headquarters for all things undead and evil?

Hero: Actually, ShadowFall would be the headquarters for evil and the undead too…

Beleen: Oh yeah! But, Empress Gravelyn's evil forces are part of "The Truce" with King Alteon.
Beleen: Noxus and his creation, Vordred, are just out to wipe the world into an undead wasteland.

Cysero: Talking about which… we are in front of the Necropolis. Do you guys notice anything out of place?

«Beleen scratches the back of her head.»

Beleen: ???

Cysero: Look at the ground.

«Beleen bends down and picks up a quarter.»

Beleen: Oooh, I found a quarter!

Cysero: No… look at what is NOT on the ground.

Beleen: The quarter I just picked up?

Hero: Hmmm, I don't see any undead.

«Cysero nods.»

Cysero: Right.

Beleen: Um, maybe Artix already came through here doing his "pally-undead-whooping" thing?

Cysero: I don't think so. When's the last time you saw Artix "neatly" battle the undead?

«Beleen nods.»

Beleen: Good point.

Hero: At least we won't have to battle our way into the Necropolis.

«Beleen scratches the back of her head.»

Beleen: Maybe it's a trap?

«Hero raises their weapon.»

Hero: Only one way to find out! *grin* You guys ready?

Beleen: Lead on!

Cysero: Lead on!

«Hero raises their weapon even higher.»


«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero, Cysero, and Beleen running»

Hero: Prepare for battle, Noxus!

«Screen flashes red»

«Hero, Cysero, and Beleen skid to a halt in Noxus's study.»




«Close up on Beleen»

Beleen: Um… guys? He's not here.

«Close up on Hero»

Hero: If Noxus and his forces are not here… then where are they?

«Scene fades»

MEANWHILE… at ShadowFall.
Home to Gravelyn and the evil Heroes who have joined the truce…

«Scenes of undead fighting undead in ShadowFall»

«Scene: Vordred and Noxus face Gravelyn in her throne room.»


«Close up on Noxus»

Noxus: Ha haa haa! So, this… ha ha… is the Empress of Darkness, Gravelyn?

«Close up on Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: WHO ARE YOU!? How dare you attack ShadowFall!

«Close up on Noxus»

Noxus: Who am I? Hah haa haa…
Noxus: You are truly unfit to sit upon that throne little girl.

«Closer close up on Noxus»

Noxus: Hop down and let me put your Father's true replacement in your place.

«Close up of Gravelyn»


«Gravelyn raises her weapon»

Gravelyn: I, Gravelyn, Empress of Darkness will NOT ask you again. WHO are you and why have you attacked MY home!?

«Close up on Noxus»

Noxus: Oooh… so Sepulchure's daughter does have some backbone. I would be smiling if I still had lips.
Noxus: I am Noxus! … Master of the Undead.
Noxus: I created the Necropolis…
Noxus: I created Vordred…
Noxus: I created the flying fortress of ShadowFall that you are standing in now. The very fortress YOU saw fit to crash into the side of this mountain.
Noxus: Hah haa haa… I even played a role in creating your father, the legendary DoomKnight, Sepulchure.
Noxus: It is time to end the pathetic truce, and place ALL of the forces of Darkness under a single, strong leader.

«Closer close up on Noxus»

Noxus: Now, step aside. Vordred will take your place and finish what your father started!

«Close up on Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: NEVER!
Gravelyn: My forces outnumber yours 100 to 1 here. If you built this place, then you built your grave, Noxus.

«Screen changes to Vordred and Noxus»

Vordred: !!!

Noxus: !!!

«Close up of Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: My undead minions…. ATTACK!

«Close up of Gravelyn's skeletal soldiers»

Minions: Arrrreeeeeeeewwwwww!

«Scene changes to Vordred and Noxus»

Noxus: HAH HAA HAAA! There is one more thing you should know Gravelyn…
Noxus: It was I who created your father's army.

«Close up of Noxus»

Noxus: …and will now be taking back control of it. Vordred?

«Close up of Vordred»

Vordred: YES, MY MASTER….

«With a column of black energy, Gravelyn's soldiers turn against her.»

«Screen flashes red»

«Vordred, Noxus, and three of Gravelyn's former skeletal army stand facing Gravelyn in her throne room.»

«Close up of Gravelyn - she lowers her weapon»

Gravelyn: Im… im… impossible!

«Screen zooms back out»


Noxus: Yes. But be careful not to make a mess on my throne

«Close up of Vordred»


«Close up of Noxus»

Noxus: Wait… I just had a better idea.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Noxus sits on Gravelyn's throne. Gravelyn sits on the steps, wearing some kind of slave outfit. Vordred stands next to her. The skeletal minions are still pointing their spears at Gravelyn.»

«Close up of Noxus»

Noxus: We will use her as bait… and bring Artix and the Hero straight to us.
Noxus: HA HA HA! The end of the world will happen here… IN SHADOWFALL!!!

«Scene fades»

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