Noxus Assault


«Scene: King Alteon's bedchambers»

King Alteon: Heroes… *cough* Thank you for coming so quickly.

Artix: My King, are you alright?

Beleen: On no… you look really sick!

King Alteon: Alas, the wound caused by Drakath's attack has not healed.

Beleen: Have you seen a Healer? I heard the Kingdom has a great health care plan.

Cysero: Yeah. The Heal Hut is running a special on leeching this month.
Cysero: Lose 3 pints of blood, and you lost the 4th one free.

King Alteon: Indeed. But no Healer can heal these wounds.
King Alteon: In fact, that is the reason I asked you here.
King Alteon: The four of you are the greatest heroes of our world. I would like to trust you with a terrible secret…

Hero: Of course King Alteon. You can trust us with a secret.

King Alteon: My wound… is becoming worse… and it appears to be spreading.

All: OH NO!!

Hero: How much worse?

King Alteon: I believe Drakath's attack has infected me.
King Alteon: Each day I become weaker. When I close my eyes, I can hear the whispers of Chaos growing louder.

Artix: There must be something we can do!

King Alteon: Yes. You can make me a promise.

All: Anything!

King Alteon: You four Heroes are the world's only hope. Promise me…
King Alteon: If I fall, promise me you will defeat Drakath, and use the truce between good and evil to finally bring peace to our beautiful world.

Hero: I promise it shall be so, King Alteon.

King Alteon: Good. Now, may I speak to the hero in private for a moment please.

All: ???

«Close-up with the Hero speaking to the King.»

Hero: Your majesty?

King Alteon: There is a serious problem in DoomWood.

Hero: DoomWood? The forest of the undead?

King Alteon: Yes. Someone has re-opened the Necropolis and is raising the most powerful army of undead in existence.

Hero: GREAT! I will grab Artix and we will start slaying some and…

King Alteon: NO!!
King Alteon: You must keep Artix away from DoomWood at all costs.

Hero: What!? Keep Artix… Mr. Super-Undead-Wrecking-Ball…. AWAY from slaying the undead? Why?

King Alteon: How long have you been friends with Artix?

  • Just a little while…
  • For years!
  • We have been adventuring together since I can remember.

«All three result in the same dialogue.»

King Alteon: There is something you should know about him. He…
King Alteon: AHHH!!

Healer: I'm sorry, you have to go!

King Alteon: Trust me! As his friend, you MUST keep him away from DoomWood at all costs…

«Fade to black»

Three days later…

«Scene fades»

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