Now Where's That Monster?


«Scene: the Hero holds out a lit match in the dark basement of the Moon Lab, next to Wistar-287»

Hero: Dang… why is it so dark in here? I can hardly see!

Wistar-287: Look at this place! The mold has covered everything!

Hero: You know, I'm not sure I understand why we're even down here.
Hero: All of the animals have been rescued.
Hero: …All except that last monster, who you seem to be terrified of.
Hero: Let's just pack up and go!

Wistar-287: No! We're not done here yet!
Wistar-287: We must destroy all the mold, and… and…
Wistar-287: …I can't quite remember.

«A roar is heard»

Hero: OMG, what was that?

Wistar-287: The escaped experiment! It IS here!

Hero: I've gotta find a lightswitch!
Hero: We don't want to be stuck down here with a monster we can't even SEE!

«Scene pans to the right, showing the eye of the escaped creature glowing in the darkness»

«The Hero turns on the light»

Hero: Oh, good, here it is. Now where's that-

«Scene pans right back to the experiment»

«Scene shifts back to the hero»

Hero: …monster.

«Scene fades»

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