Novus Bitterglow

Bard searching for lore to weave into stories
Why run so fast traveler? Take a moment. Soak in the sounds of nature flittering around you. Allow me to guide your chosen spirit animal on their journey to find Rivensylth so we may both benefit from the stories that unfold. Once you have your animal, equip it from your temporary inventory found through your quest button. If you find your alignment untrue or want another go round at this adventure, change your alignment here.

Before Aven Greywhorl took over, Rivensylth's mother was tasked with protecting the World Tree and alas, was cursed with terrible nightmares from an attacking mage. Only the soothing sound of the Horn of Protection could lull her to sleep. Being so close to her mother and the Horn every night means that if anyone can sense it, it's Rivensylth.

The Queen of Monsters realizes this as well and has sent the Earth Titan's minions in search of the egg. As there is always more than one way to skin a cat, let us work together on your chosen path to take back Rivensylth's egg!

- Good
- Evil
- Chaos

Location: Rivensylth

  • Clicking on the 'Good', 'Evil' or 'Chaos' button displays the message "Equip your spirit animal from your temporary inventory."
  • Also see Corrupted Druid.

Thanks to Rich Wind.

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