Nothing Personal



«Scene: Zhu standing next to a giant acorn with purple wisps of smoke coming off of it»

Zhu: The acorn - it stole my memories!
Zhu: But it's all coming back now. It… it was the nine-tailed fox, Jing!

«Scene: Jing appears»

Jing: It's true! I admit it.
Jing: I saw you picking plums for Ai no Miko in the grove.
Jing: I enchanted a Heizhi and made it grow, and used to lead you into an underground cave.
Jing: When you escaped, I enchanted an acorn, and used it to take your memories and put you to sleep.
Jing: But now that all my work has been undone, I'll have to take more drastic measures to ensure that you stay put.

Zhu: But… why? What have I ever done to you?

Jing: Nothing, Zhu. This isn't personal.
Jing: This is now the Year of the Dog.
Jing: As a canine spirit, this empowers me. I'm sure you understand why I don't want it to end.
Jing: And if I keep you locked away in here, it won't.

«Hero looks at Ai no Miko»

Hero: Is… is that even how this works?

Ai no Miko: No. She's being ridiculous.

Jing: You don't know that! It's never been tried before!
Jing: Certainly not by someone as clever as me.
Jing: Aren't you curious to see what happens?

Hero: Nope. And I'm not gonna let you pick on this poor little pig anymore.

Zhu: Boar! I'm a boar.

«Scene fades»

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