Not So Pretty Plans


Chapter 4: Not So Pretty Plans

«Hero reading a book, Rowan, Conn staring at his new Locus Magicalicus, Warlic and Cysero both with packed equipment in their backs in the bridge»

Cysero: Time and tainted ley lines wait for no mage. We're out of here.

«Cysero teleports out»

Warlic: Both the nexuses and ley lines across Lore grow unstable. We must hurry to Arcangrove; we'll have access to apparati there which will aid us in slowing the taint's spread.
Warlic: Hurry, please. Conn, I sense in you great power, enhanced now that you've found your stone. But never underestimate the help of good friends.

«Warlic teleports out»

«Conn now reading the book»

Hero: From what I understand of Pettivox's guide, without Warlic and Cysero choking the flow of incoming magic into the ley lines…

Rowan: The flood Petty's pumping in could cause them to… burst? That's -

Conn: Really, REALLY bad. We've got to go. Rowan, did you say guards in the palace have increased since our visit?

Rowan: And strange noises have been coming from Pettivox's rooms, my mother says. The servants are frightened.

Hero: More of his creatures, I'd guess. Rowan, if you can keep the guards away from that area, I'll take care of the beasts. And Conn -

Conn: Don't worry. I know what to do.

«Scene fades»

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