Not Just Any Galleon



«Scene: Captain's Rhubarb on his pirate ship. There's a trobblier on his shoulder.»

Captain Rhubarb: Here they come, just like clockwork.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the view through Captain Rhubarb's telescope. Pirate ships sail towards the Lolosian shore»

Captain Rhubarb: Every year, Lolosia's docks fill with the ships o'pirates lookin' t'cut loose at th' Pirate Festival.
Captain Rhubarb: And every year, some bilge-swiggin' pirate crew gets th' idea to invade th' port and make off with all th' loot.

«Scene: Captain Rhubarb's ship»

Floyd: Bwahahaha!

Captain Rhubarb: HAHAHAHA!

Floyd: And every year, we send 'em off t'feed the fishies 20 fathoms deep!

Captain Rhubarb: Aye, I don't know why they even try.
Captain Rhubarb: Alright, let's be gettin' this show on the road.
Captain Rhubarb: Run a shot across the bow!

« A cannonball streaks past in the background. It flies over the bow of an invading pirate ship.»

Captain Rhubarb: Ha-HA! Run, you scurvy dogs!

Floyd: We'll turn ye sons of biscuit-eaters into shark bait!

«The screen shakes. Floyd and Captain Rhubarb are confused.»

«The invading pirate ship lifts off the water on the head of a giant monster – a kaiju.»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Captain Rhubarb looks at the monster with a telescope.»

Floyd: Oh, my. That's new.

«Captain Rhubarb lowers the telescope»

Captain Rhubarb: We may need to call in some help for this one.

Floyd: A LOT of help.

«Scene fades»

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