Non-Rare Animated Capes/Back Items

Ancient Mystical Katana Cape
Arachna Morph
Astral Runes
Atlas Stone (AC)
Atlas Stone (Non-AC)
Baby Dragon On Yer Back
Bido's Back Blade
Black Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
BlackBolt Cape
BlackBolt Wings
Blood Symbiote Growths
Bloopy Cape
Blue Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
BoltStriker Cape
BoltStriker Wings
Books Of Power
Braken Cape
Brass Jet Backpack
Brass Monkey on your back!
Brown Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Bunny on your Back
Cape des Coeurs
Cape of Rainbows
Celestial Commander Backblade
Chaorrupted Cavern Branches
Chaorrupted Skull Cape
Chaos Dragon Flames
Chaos Sentry
Chaos Shaper Cape
Chrono Infinity Knight Wings
Cloak of Fire and Shadows
Clovercraft Minion Cape
Combat Engineer Cape
Crystal Dragon's Accoutrements (0 AC)
Crystal Dragon's Pirate Tail (0 AC)
Cursed Dungeon Spirit
Cursed Starsword Backblades (1)
Cursed Starsword Backblades (2)
Cutesy the Fluff Cape
Dark Floating Wings
Dark Legend Wings
Dark Sparkle Cape
Darkness Orb
Darrgoross Rune
Dawn Stars Cape
Deep Sea Cape
Derp Twilly on your Back
Derp Zorbak on your Back
Derpy Pink Back Moglin
Doom Worm Creepers
Dragonslayer Slayer Backbeast
Dread Legs of Arachna
Dreadhaven General Cape
Dreadhaven General Cape +5
Duality Mage Runecape
Dwakel Banner
Elemental Orbs
Energy Orb
Eternal Dark Caster Runes (AC)
Eternal Dark Caster Runes (Merge)
Eternal Dark Caster Runic Spines
Eternal Dark Caster Winged Rune
Evil Shoulder
Explosive Rocket Backpack
Explosive Rocket Backpack +5
Eye of Chaos (Cape)
Fang Worms on your Back
Fins of Fl'Aria
Fire Imp Tail
Firestorm's Flight
Floating Fire Orb Replica
Floating Geopetal
Floating Horror
Floating Sun Flare
Floating Wings
Franken Cannon
Frogzard On Yer Back
Frood Cape
Frost Sparkle Cape
Frostmoglin on Your Back
Galactic Destroyer Cape
Gem of Nulgath Cape
Geomancer's Power Stones
Giant Cat's Tail
Gilded Rainbow Cape
Gnosis Wings
Goblin Cauldron Cape
Gold Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Gold Infinity Knight Wings
Golden Hanzo Katana Cape
Golden Moglin on your back
Good Shoulder
Gravitating Chaos Crystal
Gravity Cloak
Green Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Green parrot on your Shoulder
Guiding Stars Cape
Haunted Umbrella
Healer's Eyes of Chaos (AC)
Healer's Eyes of Chaos (Non-AC)
Healer's Shadow of Chaos (AC)
Healer's Shadow of Chaos (Non-AC)
Healer's Vortex of Chaos (AC)
Healer's Vortex of Chaos (Non-AC)
Hoopy Cape
Hydra Cape
Infesting Swarm Cape
Infinity Shield Cape
Killer Bee
Laser Pack
Legend Wings
Legendary Darkness Orb
Legendary Energy Orb
Legendary Light Orb
Legendary Water Orb
Lemurphant Tail
Library on your Back
Light Orb
Luckiest Lorikeet Feathers
Lucky Lycaena Wings
Mana Aura
Mana Tendril Cape
Mantle of Holy Fire
Metallic Moonlight Wings
Molten Flare On Your Back
Monkey on your back!
Monkey on your Back
Moonstone Cape
Mortality Cape of Revontheus
Mutated Plague Cape
Mystical Ward (AC)
Mystical Ward (Legend)
Necrotic Caster Cross Back
Odd Eyed
O-dokuro on Your Back
Oopy Cape
Orange Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Panda Launcher
Pinkest Platinum Wings
Plague Gem Cape
Platinum Wings
Plume of the Pirate
Prime's Legendary Cape
Quad-Combat Engineer Cape
Radioactive Vampire Bats
Rage Soulwind
Razor Wings
Red Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Red Parrot (Cape)
Reflecteract Cape
Rocket on your Back
Rocket Pack
RockRune Cape
Sakura Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Semiramis Cape
Shadow Assasin's Puppeteer
Shadow Assassin's Puppeteer
Shadow Assassin's Puppeteer and Blade
Shadow Bat Cape
Shadow Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Shadow Reaper Guard
Shadowscythe Arms
Shadowscythe Drones
ShadowStalker of Time Cape
ShadowWalker of Time Cape
Shamrock Sparkles
Shimmering Flakes
Shroud of Storms
Skull Pauldrons of Vordred
SkyGuard Mech Cannons
Snowball Trebuchet
Solar Starsword Backblades (1)
Solar Starsword Backblades (2)
Songbird On Your Shoulder
Soul Crystal Cape
Spider Legs
Star Sapphire Cape
Stones of Ashturi
Sunstone Cape
Supercharged Powerpack
Symbiote Growths
Synderes' Cape of Doom
Tentacles of the Overlord
The Arms of the Sea
Titanv9 Cape
Tom Turkey Feathers
Toxic Skull Parasite
Turkey on Your Back
Twin-Tank SteamPack
Twisted Tail
Ultra Darkness Orb
Ultra Energy Orb
Ultra Flame Titan Spirit
Ultra Light Orb
Ultra Water Orb
Undead Legend Cape
Uw3017 Cape
Vengeance Soulwind
Vulture Wings
Ward of The Ancients
Warp Necromancer Cape
Water Orb
Waynudo Wheel
Whirling Rose Cape
White Dragon's Parrot Cape (0 AC)
Wind of the Mighty Zephyr Dragon
Wings of the Abyss
Wings of the Chosen
World Core Cape

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