No, You Can't.


«Scene: the Underground Lab»

«Alina types furiously at her laptop.»

Alina: No, you can't be a mod! …No, you can't be a mod! …..No, you can't be a mod!

«Cysero scaring the server hamster»

Cysero: Heh. THat should keep us going for another hour.

«Beelen harrassing Artix with a pink balloon sword»

Beleen: Isn't it pretty!? I think we should replace every sword in the game with these!

Artix: Nooooo!!! I will never give in!

«Artix gets close to the sword, Beleen raises it and Artix scares into a human ball, then Javatron 3000 explodes and a Chaotic fog invades Alina's computer, making everyone distraught»

Artix: !!!

«Artix pulls out a needle and…»


«… pops Beleen's balloon»

Beleen: Hey!

Artix: Victory!
Artix: Now what is happening here?

«Chaotic fog transforms and takes the team away»

«Scene fades»

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