No Time to Rest


«Scene: Aven Greywhorl's death ceremony»

Ravinos: Nevanna has caused Brightoak to lose a great leader, protector, and friend.
Ravinos: Aven's physical body may lay silent, but he remains here with us.
Ravinos: Until our home is safe gain from the Queen of Monsters, Aven's spirit cannot rest.
Ravinos: Nevanna is still out there, watching - waiting.

Eliza: Waiting for what?
Eliza: With the World Tree decaying from the Queen's poison, our home is good as gone.

Spirit Aven: Don't you understand? She won't be satisfied with a slow decay.
Spirit Aven: After Nevanna was captured and corrupted by the Queen, she was brainwashed into striving for one thing: absolute victory.
Spirit Aven: Until Brightoak is obliterated, she will not sleep.

Ravinos: We are not here to discuss the inevitable, we stand here now to remember the life of Brightoak's greatest friend.
Ravinos: May Aven's body rest in peace.

«Spirit Aven's ghostbody turns green and the vines holding Aven's body drop, and a plant grows in its place, then meteors fall down»

Hero: HIT THE DECK - the inevitable has arrived!

«Monsters swarm in»

Hero: Get the young and elderly to safety!

Ravinos: Brethren to me. We need to buy time!

Hero: Defend Brightoak with everything you've got, the World Tree cannot survive another attack.
Hero: If it falls - Nevanna wins.

«Nevanna is seen leading her army»

Nevanna: Let Brightoak burn. With the World Tree fully destroyed, my Queen has the perfect base to corrupt all the mana ley lines in Lore.
Nevanna: However, these pests in Brightoak are strong. If I let this invasion drag on, I fear <Hero> may invoke foul play.
Nevanna: Ravinos, I'm afraid your people's resilience has just activated my trap card.

«Nevanna uses the Horn»

Nevenna: Awake the Titan of Earth - Gaiazor!

«Gaiazor is being summoned»

Nevenna: Time for an extinction event.

«Scene fades»

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