No Time for Subtlety


«Scene: the Hero and Oishii stand inside the crypt. A malignant spirit appears in a puff of black smoke. Oishii points at it.»

Oishii: <Hero>… LOOK!

«The spirit starts crying, and the crypt shakes along with it.»

Hero: Oh, hey, uh… excuse me? Are you ok?

«The spirit stops crying and faces the Hero»

Catrina: Why are you here? Have you come to mock me?
Catrina: To mock my sorrow?

Hero: What? No! Of course not!
Hero: We cam here to help!

Catrina: SILENCE! You lie!
Catrina: You came here to destroy me! You heroes are all alike! You come tearing in and slay the first ugly thing you see!!

«Catrina sobs, shaking the crypt»

Catrina: You have no idea of my suffering! My PAIN!

Oishii: Uuh…<Hero>, I don't want to rush things here…
Oishii: But you better find a way to calm her down or this whole place will collapse on both of us!!

Hero: Yeah, yeah. I know the drill.

«The Hero raises their weapon.»

Hero: Sorry, lady. We don't have time for subtlety now.

«Scene fades»

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