No Longer Immortal


«Scene: Galanoth faces Gorgorath»

Galanoth: It is my sworn duty to protect Lore from creatures like you.
Galanoth: You will threaten this world no more!

Gorgorath: Arrogant fool! You are nothing more than a pest!

«Gorgorath readies an attack»

Hero: Galanoth! LOOK OUT!

«Artix blocks the attack»

Artix: Do not worry, my friend! I have your back!

Galanoth: And I've got THIS.

«Galanoth jumps into the air»


«Galanoth slashes at Gorgorath, who collapses to the ground»

Galanoth: You were the foolish one, dragon.
Galanoth: Thinking you stood a chance against us fighting together.

«Scene: Hero, Galanoth, and Artix»

Hero: Whew!
Hero: So… we got time to engage in some witty banter, or what?

«Artix looks up»

Artix: <Hero>, LOOK OUT!

«The screen shakes and rubble falls from above»

Galanoth: The castle's coming down!
Galanoth: We have to get out of here — NOW!

«The three of them run out of the castle, which immediately collapses. Gorgorath's skeleton is seen in the ruins. A dragon soul floats out of the skeleton into the sky.»

«Scene fades»

Galanoth: She's gone.

Hero: We did it?

«Scene: Galanoth, Artix, and the Hero standing the Dragon Boneyard»

Artix and the Hero: We did it!!

Galanoth: We did.
Galanoth: But none of us could have done it alone.
Galanoth: Though Galanoth, the legendary slayer of dragons, would surely have come close.

Artix: I think you mean Artix, legendary slayer of the undead!

«Artix and Galanoth pose dramatically. The Hero pokes their head into frame»

Hero: Guys…

«Scene fades»

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