No Going Back


«Frozen tower gate. Hero, with scythe in hand, and Karok in battle. Syrrus and Lorentz at the sides»

Karok: You've returned. Pity. I hoped your puling net pet there would make a nice snack for those I left behind.

Hero: Why are you even HERE?! You just show up out of nowhere, start wrecking our world.
Hero: If you have even a LITTLE motivation beyong "RAWR I'm a big bad ice guy", I'd like to hear it.

Karok: I came because your world called me. There violence and destruction, the screams.
Karok: They echoed across the corridors of space and time. I listened, and saw an… opportunity.
Karok: I have taken all I can from my world. You have seen this to be true.
Karok: It is a cold land, destroying those too weak to survive.
Karok: Those who remain are STRONG. But hungry and so restless.
Karok: My people starve, both in body and spirit. We crave… MORE. To feast. To fight. To LIVE.
Karok: And I WILL feed them! Your world is alive. Rich. Ready to be harvested.
Karok: By the time I am done, your people will beg to serve… and they will. The horde must eat.
Karok: And once I have taken what I can HERE, I will move to the next world.
Karok: There will always be another mage, another gate, another cry for *sneer* "help".

Hero: You'll NEVER do that to MY WORLD… or ANY OTHER!

«Korak floats and the screen flashes white»

Karok: Watch me.

«Change scene, Korak is strangulating Lorentz»

Karok: Did you enjoy your trip to Glacera, little meat-puppet?
Karok: You will be the first to serve the Horde… by closing the gate back to Glacera!

Hero: NO!

Lorentz: No - I - Don't -
Lorentz: Please! PLEASE!

Karok: Do you see how he begs already?

«Karok tosses Lorentz to the gate, destroying it and killing Lorentz»

Karok: It is done. And we are here.
Karok: Your world… is mine.

«Syrrus at Frozen Tower Gate and Queen of Monsters at her throne, split-screen, say at the same time:»

Syruss: *whispers* What have I done?

Queen of Monsters: *grins* What will he do next?

«Back to Hero and Karok, and Syruss on his knees»

Karok: That is where you belong, Astromancer. On your knees.
Karok: You cannot repair your gate. His death sealed it.

Syruss: NOTHING is sealed forever. The Champion of Chaos and the Queen of Monsters proved THAT!

Karok: You have a Queen? Intriguing. I… enjoy Queens.

Hero: Karok, Karok, Karok. You didn't do your research before slipping down that timestream, did you?

Syruss: She shattered our island after leaving the mainland. That's why you saw all the refugees here.
Syruss: Between battling the horde and running from her monsters… What do we do?!

Hero: Right now? We move. We fight. We wait for the explosion to come when monsters collide.
Hero: And then we take out the winner. I can't imagine he can beat HER!
Hero: Attacking us, he satisfies two goals at once - vengeance for Kezeroth, and keeping his horde satiated.
Hero: But I doubt he's seen ANYTHING like our world, or the Queen of Monsters.

«Change scene, to Queen of Monsters»

Queen of Monsters: He is bestial. Terrifying. And so hungry.
Queen of Monsters: He is… PERFECT.

«Scene fades»

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