No Fear


«Scene: Twilly and the Hero at Ayi Jihu's concert»

Twilly: Twilly can't see a thing…

Hero: Hey Twilly. What's going on?

Twilly: Oh, HI! The Ayi concert is just about over.
Twilly: You almost missed the whole thing!

Hero: Need a boost?

Twilly: YEAH! That would be great!

«The Hero lifts Twilly up onto their shoulders. Ayi stops dancing and looks at the audience. Each audience member has their fear standing next to them, except for the Hero and Twilly at the very back of the crowd»

«Ayi is shocked»

Hero: Wow, that was really great!

Twilly: Too bad you arrived so late. The whole show was that awesome.

Hero: Guess I'll have to catch the next Ayi show.

«Ayi steps down from her stage»

Ayi: Thanks for coming to the show, everyone!
Ayi: I'm really glad you liked it!

«Ayi turns and sees the Hero and Twilly walking off»

«Ayi attempts to get through the crowd, but is stuck»

Ayi: Um… Excuse me. I… Uh… I need to get through.
Ayi: I'm sorry, everyone. I really NEED to get going.

«Ayi jumps into the air and lands on a nearby tree. She starts jumping from roof to roof»

«Scene: Zorbak on the ground, watching»

Zorbak: That girl can really jump for a pop star…

«Ayi lands on Zorbak and jumps away»

Ayi: Sorry about that!

«Zorbak pops back up»

Zorbak: Wow, she touched me!

«Zorbak falls back down. Ayi lands infront of the Hero and Twilly»

Twilly: Whoa! It's her!

Hero: A falling pop star. You don't see that every day.

Ayi: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you but I HAVE to speak to you.

Hero: Sure, what's up?

Ayi: I am Ayi Jihu, but I am also known as the Fear Chaser.
Ayi: I have the power to actually SEE my own and other's fears.
Ayi: They take the form of fear spirits that I can battle.

Hero: Wow, neat trick.

Ayi: It is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I wish that meteorite had never struck me.
Ayi: …I noticed when I was on stage that you…

Hero: …hold on. You were hit by a meteorite?

Ayi: Yes, that is how I got this ability.

Hero: A meteorite? As in you got hit by a ROCK that fell from SPACE?

Ayi: …Yes.

Hero: That's REALLY a neat trick.
Hero: I think most people that get hit by meteorites just get reduced to a fine red mist

Ayi: Yes, I suppose they are.

Hero: But YOU got a super power?

Ayi: Hahahahaha. When you say it like THAT it kind of sounds silly, but yes.

Hero: OK…
Hero: … carry on.

Ayi: I noticed when I was onstage that you had NO fear spirit next to you.

Hero: What does that mean?

Ayi: I believe it means that you have NO FEAR at all.

Twilly: That's true. Twilly has never met anyone as brave as you.

Ayi: That is not the same. Many people are brave.
Ayi: Courage is having the strength to stand up to your fears… to face them.
Ayi: I try and help people find that courage within themselves.
Ayi: But you, hero, have no fear AT ALL.
Ayi: I've never seen that.

Hero: I guess that's true. I can't think of anything that really scares me.

Ayi: When I saw that, I thought you might be the one person who could help me.
Ayi: I'm not just here in Battleon for the concert.
Ayi: I have followed a few very powerful fears from my world to yours.

Twilly: What makes these fear spirits different?

Ayi: These are not normal fears, little moglin. These are manifestations.
Ayi: They are whole ideas, not just one little fear.
Ayi: Manifestations are far stronger than fear spirits. I don't know if I can do this alone.

Hero: Which fears are they?

Ayi: They are the manifestations of the Fear of Heights, Fear of The Dark and Fear of Death.

Twilly: What happens if you don't defeat them?

Hero: I think I can guess.
Hero: They will keep feeding off of people's fears and grow so large that they cannot be stopped.

Ayi: Exactly. Can you imagine the whole world engulfed in darkness…
Ayi: …Or people being so scared of heights that they can't even stand up?

Twilly: Or everyone wearing clown pants?



Twilly: What?
Twilly: Twilly thinks that is pretty scary.

«Scene fades»

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