No, Cysero, Don't


«Scene: Lim in the lab»

Lim: This will make you stronger…
Lim: …and this will make you smarter…
Lim: …and this frogzard DNA will make you faster!
Lim: You're going to be the BEST moglins the world has ever seen!
Lim: I already feel so pround!
Lim: But now! Time to head to Yulgar for a pint of Moglinberry cider.

«Scene: An Hour Later… (In the lab)»

Cysero: Hey, Lim!
Cysero: Lim?
Cysero: What the heck? He's making stew and he just left it here?
Cysero: I guess I should watch it for him.
Cysero: (I don't want him to burn his lab down.)
Cysero: lah dah dah da dah…
Cysero: doo do dooo do doooo

«Scene: scene fades *MUNCH* *MUNCH* *MUNCH*»

Cysero: Mmm!

«Scene: Cysero put pockey in the pot»

Lim: Cysero! No!

Cysero: Oh hey, Lim. Welcome back.

Lim: Cysero! I'm vat-growing a batch of genetically modified moglins.
Lim: And you just dumped in a box of Pockey!

Cysero: Yep.

Lim: Why would you do that?!

Cysero: I thought it was stew!

Lim: You don't put Pockey in stew, either!

Cysero: Maybe YOU don't.

«Scene: in front of Ye Olde Inn»

Lim: …so, the artificial chemical sweeteners in the Pockey reacted badly with the potions and monster DNA in the pot…

Cysero: And now we have a bunch of mutated moglins!
Cysero: They're kinda cute!

Lim: But ew really need you to find them all and bring them back here before anyone else sees them.
Lim: I may be a mad scientist, but I don't want people thinking I'm an INSANE one!

Hero: Ha! No Problem, Lim. I'll get your Pockey Mogs back.

Cysero: "Pockey Mogs!" Ha! I like it.
Cysero: Here, take this. I call it a… Pockey Puck!
Cysero: Throw it at a Pockey Mog, and it'll catch and hold it untill you get it back to Lim.

Hero: Ok, I think I can handle that.

Lim: And remember, Hero: you GOTTA catch them all!

«Scene fades»

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