Nkuku's Quests

Quest Location: Oasis
Quests Begun From: Nkuku

Ever tried running a pet store, pal? It's a lot of responsibility… and a lot more cleanup. And I could reaaallllly use some fresh bedding for my critters. If you bring back 12 Piles of Sand, and a handful of Palm Plant Fronds from the oasis, and the down fur from a Bupers Camel from the oasis, I'll throw some gold your way for all your hard work.

Items Required:

  • Pile of Sand x12
    • Click on the sand piles
  • Palm Plant Frond x5
    • Click on the leaves
  • Camel Fur x1 x7


  • 50 150 Gold
  • 50 150 Exp
  • 50 150 Rep Sandsea

Thanks to Rinit and SlyCooperFan1.

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