Before completing the 'Water You Waiting For--Find Nisse' quest:

Mermaid Sage
You there! You should not be here right now! I fear The Natatorium is experiencing something… horrible. I am waiting to hear word from Rayst at Arcangrove… I hope he sends us a Hero, soon…

After completing the 'Water You Waiting For--Find Nisse' quest:

Mermaid Sage
Welcome to The Natatorium, Hero. I am Nisse, Sage of the Merfolk. I have heard your name echo from the surface where monsters speak of your immense power and your quest to rebuild the Supreme Arcane Staff. If you are truly the hero that they all fear, perhaps you can save The Natatorium after all.

- Nisse's Quests

After completing Nisse's Quests:

Mermaid Sage
Thank you, great Hero. I trust that the Runes of Riparian will be safe while in your protection. Please take care on your many journeys, and I hope that The Natatorium may return to the sanctuary it once was…

I truly wish our timing was better. There is far too much to say with far too little time to say it. Please, if you have a question, ask now.

Forever has our home been untouched by Chaos. My people-the Merfolk-have lived in peace deep beneath the surface for uncountable moons. But as of late, creatures and Merfolk alike have turned on one another. The Merdraconians are the worst of all. I have Ledgermayne to thank for this.

Mermaid Sage
As a Sage, Ledgermayne's influence cannot affect me. Unfortunately for my people, their feeble willpower is no match for such Chaotic forces. I hope that you too can overcome Ledgermayne's power.

Runes of Riparian
Ah yes, the Runes of Riparian. As the second piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff, you can imagine how highly cherished-and protected-it is. However… with Ledgermayne's influence on the Beast guarding it… I'm not even sure if I myself could best him in battle…

Location: Natatorium


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