Nightmarish Truth

Brother's Remains
Welcome back, sister-in-law. Come to see what you've done to my poor brother? Oh how the Astravians loved him! He was a gentleman with a promising future. All of it, ruined by an uneducated country bumpkin. What a selfish woman! You wanted him to love you so badly that you made him abandon his home. Look at what you've done to him! Go and look! Haha, you can't ignore us forever!

- Nightmarish Truth's Quest

After completing the 'Liebestraume No. 3' quest:

Brother's Remains
It's time to wake up and face reality, Suki. You don't belong here. Illiterate trash will always stay trash no matter how much you dress it up.

Location: Astravia Past


Thanks to Syo.

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