Nightmare Queen (NPC)

Ruler of Horror
Carnax will now be contained… for a time. You may have to return to subdue the beast within the seal from time to time. Like all my subjects, it now lives here, free to live out its nightmares.

Be quick, our time grows short. Each moment that passes, Carnax awakens further. And you aren’t the sort of “Hero” I’d like to keep long in company.

Who are you, where is this?
I thought I had made myself clear - I rule these lands as the Nightmare Queen. My power touches on more realms and worlds than most know exist, and my subjects? They are free to live out their dreams - or perhaps you’d call them nightmares. Where you stand now is the land of Horror - where thoughts beget matter and dreams become a reality. Its boundaries overlap those of many different realities.

I care not for those lands which fancy themselves the realms of dreams. The Somnians and that meddlesome moglin can frolic about day after day in their own little daydreams as they wish. I will continue to watch over my subjects here.

Why do you want to subdue Carnax?
As much as I would enjoy the fear and horror that Carnax would bring about if left to rampage, I also understand the scale of destruction it could wreak if certain plans were to be achieved. Fewer minds surviving means fewer minds that fear. Simple.

Certain Plans?
There is an ancient organization of great technology and arcane power, the Alpha, which exists in another timeline, one that helped spawn this world, in fact. They seek ascension through advancement. My powers seldom reach them, and I have little influence over their hearts. Their great “plans” led to the collapse of their society. What a pity.

Carnax's Past?
Carnax was the great and destructive creation of Makkisar, leader of a cult of psionic sorcerers. They had a great affinity for manipulations of the flesh and the mind, and I watched from afar as they created the greatest abomination that magic had ever seen.

A beast nearly immortal, born with the power to dominate all life. Even were its flesh to be torn away, it could regenerate from no more than a thought or a nightmare. The only way to truly defeat such an immortal psionic beast was to… forget it.

But its story is much longer and more complex than I can relay here and now. Suffice it to say that the beast rose twice in the history of this Other Timeline. In its last return, it was able to free itself from the sorcerer’s control and fragment its mind enough so that it could not be restored.

Up until now, the fragments of Carnax lay dormant, unable to form the destructive beast once more. But now, linking to itself through the torn timestream, it finds itself becoming whole once more. And THAT makes it my problem, and yours.

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Location: Dark Carnax
Note: Also see Nightmare Queen (Armor).


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