Nightmare Child

Apprentice Dreamweaver, Trapped
Momma? Daddy, is that you? … … *giggle* Nooooo, hehehehe! Soooooorry! You looked like - but you aren't, no no no, and no one ever will be. I'm alone, oh, oh so alone! Hehehe! Taken by the Nightmare, abandoned by the Nightmare, not good enough to keep, but to sweet too let go. … How sweet are you, stranger? Teehee! I'm so BORED! Won't you play game with me? The Nightmare's creatures never do!

Oooooh! you want to talk? No one ever wants to talk to me! Hehehe! I like you, stranger! I know a lot of things! Like how to make butterflies from drops of blood! I call them blooderflies! Teeheehee! Or - Oh. YOU have a question? I suppoooooose I could answer. Maybe.

How did you get here?
Dreams and visions, visions and dreams. Things I've see can't be unseen. I sing my screams and shriek my songs, I knew I'd come here all along. I didn't know that I'd be trapped; the Nightmare's! real - I can't get back. My Misstress - mother, friend, and teacher - she's so far that I can't reach her. We DreamWeavers, the true believers: they told me: "train, accept the pain." I studied long, the learning hard, and all I've left is scraps and shards - my mind is slowly shattering.

Teeheehee! Did you like my song? I taught it to the Nightmare's monsters, but they never sing along. You should be careful of the creatures here. People are always dreaming new ones into existence. You… if you get back to the Other World, you will sleep and dream me a playmate, stranger?

Of Course!
Nice stranger, good stranger! I knew we would be good friends! But you aren't staying, so you can't be my playmate. Teeheehee! Since you are so kind, I will give you some advice about this place - dream of power to power your dreams. They make the reality here, and only the visions of the strong survive. But above all else, remember: do NOT sleep in the Land of Dreams and Nightmares. Just… trust me.

I don't think so.
… Oh. I… Oh. Alright. Would you mind if I captured your image in this piece of Dreamglass? It won't hurt, honest! Then I'll have someone - or, well, the shade of someone - to talk to when I get lonely. Hehehe! I will get lonely again! So lonely! But you will go back, and leave me. Teehee! Remember me, won't you? I… I would be so grateful! *giggle*

- Nightmare Child's Quests

During the 'Don't Regret the Evil' quest:

Apprentice Dreamweaver, Trapped
They want… that? O-ooh. Tell them this, please: *sings* Think of me, think of me fondly when I'm all alone. Remember me, your little cousin, when you're safe at home. I'll stay silent, so that you'll all forget, and then I'll die the final death. And you'll never have to hear me scream out my last breath… *sniffle* Then, maybe then, they'll remember me.

Location: Dream Maze


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