Nick Wold

Stargazing Singer
Every night, we’ve been sharing the same dream. Playing a concert in this beautiful world like nowhere we've seen before. The world of Lore. When you arrived, we knew this world must be real. After all, it’s where you’re from! Help us fight through this dreamland and find the way to the other side. Then we can finally play the show we’ve been dreaming of.

So you know the way out?
I think so. We dreamed it once, but the Sandman stopped us from leaving. Apparently, he doesn’t want us to use the Dreamworld as a path between dimensions. Who would have known? But we don’t always follow the rules… and somehow, I don’t think you do, either.

How did I get here?
Who can say? The world of dreams doesn’t always make sense. At least, not in the same way the real world does.

- Nick Wold's Quests



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