Lady-in-Waiting, Hair Vendor
Oh, good! I was looking for a Hero to wander by. i'm Nialla, Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Brittany, the heir to the throne. She's asked me to practice my hair-dressing skills… And I've finally had enough practice to open my own shop! You can visit me in Swordhaven now.

Oooh, you DO know your hairdressers! Yes, I know some things that might help you out, buy I'm not going to share until I know you better! Except for this ooooone thing. There's talk about a secret member of the royal family… unrecognized and unknown. I wonder who THAT could be?!

- Nialla's Quest
- Hair Shop

Location: Swordhaven Castle (Location)


Thanks to Haileym1.

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