Nia Marmara

You and I will find ourselves opposing each other in your future - or is it your past? - in the maze of portals. But even knowing this, I bear you no ill will. All of it is necessary. Just as now, it is necessary for me to be here to guide you, not to an exit, but to your destiny deeper inside the castle.

I Can't Leave?
You could if you wanted to, of course. You do have free will. But if you leave now, you won't be able to stop Dr. Darkwood's Lore-shattering end game. Keep going forward, into the vault. All of the answers you need can be found there.

- Nia Marmara's Quest

After completing the 'Shut Up And Listen Groglurk!' quest:

I always worry that I will destroy the future when I try to fix the past. Did I interfere too much when I told you to search the castle vault? Only time will tell.




Thanks to Tris.

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