Newfound Treasures



«Scene: Hero and Zheng with swords touching»

Zheng: Your skills are wasted on a life of piracy and evil.
Zheng: As a sign of respect to a fellow warrior, lay down your weapon and face justice.
Zheng: Or else he company of death will become a pleasure out of reach.

Hero: Arrr, yer underestimatin' how much Davy's Locker stinks.
Hero: I'd rather live the high life from the gold those captives are gonna bring in.

Zheng: Where do you mean to take them? Who is paying you gold?

Hero: Definitely not the Yokai Isles!

«Scene: Yue detained by Imperial Warrior»

Imperial Warrior: We have been sent by the Wuji Empire to retrieve you. Please follow me.

Yue: No thanks! It's only common sense to not talk to strangers!

Imperial Warrior: What? Why?

«Brentan grabs Imperial Warrior by the neck»

Imperial Warrior: You traitor!

Brentan: That's right, I pretended to help you so I could tell my pirate friends all of your plans!
Brentan: They're as greedy as they are crazy! They'll die for a taste of gold!

Imperial Warrior: And we're ready to die to save Admiral Zheng's family!

Brentan: Ugh!

«Brentan shoves Imperial Warrior»

Brentan: The Admiral's men aren't letting up! I'll push them farther out of the cave! Just a little more…

«Scene: Hero and Zheng with swords touching»

Zheng: Do you understand why I find you so skilled?

Hero: Don't be holdin' back now! Sea dogs love praise as much as treasure!

Zheng: It requires a great amount of experience and control to appear that you are struggling.
Zheng: As well as taking care to only injure, not take lives.
Zheng: What tricks are you playing, pirate?

Hero: Uhhh, think you cornered us, ey?


Zheng: That's the sound of…fuses being lit! Are you insane? Setting off explosives will cause a cave-in!
Zheng: I will not allow it!

«Zheng's green eyes light up»

Yue: *cough* *cough* Ugh, my head hurts!

Baoyu: Their symptoms are getting worse! Clerics! Are there any clerics that can stand?

Zheng: What? Is our magic harming them?

Hero: Uhh uhm…Har har har! Our black hearts don't have an ounce of courage! We konw when to give the game up.
Hero: THere's no way we'll hand over our treasure. They go down with the ship.

Zheng: Cowards! I will never stop chasing you, even into the realm of the Underworld!

Ai No Miko: No.

«Zheng falls»

Ai No Miko: We will never be your prisoners.

«Scene: Black Screen»


Hero: Psst, I think it worked! Let's herd everyone to the back exit while they think we've been buried alive.

Brentan: Just a moment. We should listen to make sure they'll give up.

«Scene: Screen 9 of Yokai Treasure»

Imperial Warrior: Admiral Zheng, I'm so sorry. There's no way we can remove this debris on our own.
Imperial Warrior: …Please stop. You're injured. I can tell that your fingers are broken.

Zheng: Even if I am reduced to just a head, I will use my teeth to dig them out.
Zheng: I disappointed my grandson once, twice, far too many times. I can not afford to fail him again.
Zheng: My grandson, Jiang. I am old and senile, just like you said. I should have listened to you.
Zheng: But I disregard your tears, your frustration over the treatment of the people, and your suspicion that the Emperor killed your mother.
Zheng: I was too stuck in my ways, and it took too long to change.
Zheng: Too long to convince the Emperor to let me search for you after you fled with your siblings.
Zheng: And too long to disobey him when he would not concede.

Ai No Miko:

Zheng: It has been centuries, and I still haven't caught up to you. Your grandfather is a failure of a man and guardian.
Zheng: I miss you. I miss your mother. What is the point of immortality if there is nothing to live for?

Brentan: Empress, I truly believe that you two should speak.

Ai No Miko: Sir. Will you rest your blade and your preconceived judgements to listen?

Zheng: Which pirate dares speak to me?

Ai No Miko: Are you not Admiral Shen Zheng the so-called Radiant Mirage?
Ai No Miko: A boisterous man in his youth, yet prefers water to tea because the leaves are always too bitter?

Zheng: Only my daughter would know such a thing, and in turn her son…and in turn…

Ai No Miko: We will begin removing the rocks from our end. It will take time.
Ai No Miko: I suppose we'll need it to begin to know each other.

«Scene: Screen 10 of Yokai Treasure»

Zheng: This is where they rest? Jiang and the other Princes and Princesses?

Ai No Miko: After coming to call the Yokai Isles home, their immortality faded.
Ai No Miko: This didn't stop them from having long and fulfilling lives.
Ai No Miko: Their families grew, and they were surrounded by love no matter where they went.
Ai No Miko: I will ensure that their descendants and the people who accepted them will live in that same happiness.

Zheng: The peace I feel in this sacred shrine…there is no place like it in Wuji. Not anymore.
Zheng: Jiang, I am relieved that you found a home far away from the follies of your father and I.

«Zheng does a curtsy in front of Ai No Miko»

Zheng: Empress, I surrender and lay down my arms.
Zheng: Mercury is used as a healing agent in Wuji. My fleet and I were unaware that our metallic magic would poison you.
Zheng: We will accept any punishment you see fit for our rash actions.

Ai No Miko: Ah, I already have a number of ideas, which includes fixing those Needle Mouths first.

Zheng: Empress Ai No Miko, I am unfamiliar with the customs of the Yokai Isles.
Zheng: Am I to refer to you as 'Daughter of the Heavens?' Perhaps 'Empress of Ten Thousand Years?'

Ai No Miko: No, and I would rather not have to mumble a marathon of 'great great great great.'
Ai No Miko: If it pleases you, stand and refer to me as your granddaughter.

«Zheng stands up and holds hands with Ai No Miko»

Ai No Miko: No lives were lost, and no major harm was done.
Ai No Miko: The punishment for the inconvenience caused is to serve the Yokai Isles, if you choose to stay.

Zheng: I promise to protect you and the Isles from all storms that may come to pass.

Ai No Miko: Do you worry that you will lose your immortality?

Zheng: What I worry about is if you've eaten well and have enough time to enjoy your life.

«Scene: Screen 1 of Yokai Treasure»

Brentan: About what I admitted earlier today, please don't bother Victoria with it.
Brentan: I know she won't be mad. She'll just be worried.

Hero: What about me? Should I be worried for you?
Hero: Brentan, I hope you figured out that talking things out can do a lot of good.
Hero: The mistakes are in the past, and you can make up for them with your future.

Brentan: Ah you're right. Despite the trouble I caused, I'm glad I came.
Brentan: I've learned much, just what this soul searching journey was intended for.

Hero: It did end way better than expected!
Hero: After her father passed away, I'm happy this worked out for Ai No Miko.

Brentan: Ha, I saw! Admiral Zheng even tried to give all of his pocket money to his grandnieces and nephews.
Brentan: When I first met him, I sensed that we have similarities. Determined to a fault, foolhardy with our pride…and lonely.
Brentan: It is a joyful thing to see families reunite.

Hero: Do you see Victoria and Tara as your family?

Brentan: Yes, they were Brittany's darling sisters, meaning they're my sisters as well.
Brentan: Which is why I will return when I know I'll be able to support them.

Hero: I won't tell Victoria about you having a bit of a mental breakdown, but I want her to hear this promise.
Hero: …Whenever I managed to see her again.

Brentan: You are a true friend. I promise to return better than I am now.

«Scene fades»

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