New Treasure Island



«Scene: Screen 5 of Yokai Treasure with Yue Huang on the bed»

Hero: People are dropping left and right. The clerics on board are keeping up, but they won't last for long.

Baoyu: So far, it's largely vision impairment, numbness, and loss of mobility among the crew and passengers.
Baoyu: The children and elderly are faring much worse. Given time, they'll begin experiencing organ failure.

Brentan: Is this because of the mercury flood? I didn't see anyone else leave the ship.

Baoyu: Merely being exposed to mercury vapors is enough to cause permanent damage.

Ai No Miko: It's silver as far as the eye can see outside. If we try to sail away, we'll perish.

Brentan: This doesn't make sense. The Admiral of the Wuji fleet said he just wanted to bring you all home.

Hero: It looks like our only option is to evacuate the ship and send everyone on to the island.
Hero: I bet that's why they want - to flush us all out to net in one swoop.

Brentan: Then why is it that the four of us aren't affected?

Baoyu: Specifically for me, this mercury manipulation is similar to my innate magic. It's like how Yue can conjure magical elixir.
Baoyu: I keep my magic strictly sealed to avoid accidentally causing situations like this-
Baoyu: Whereas the Wuji fleet is weaponizing it against innocent civilians.

Ai No Miko: My name is indicative of my training. I am a Shrine Maiden as well as Empress of Yokai.
Ai No Miko: Purification is a specialty of mine, but this metal poisoning is something I'm not used to.
Ai No Miko: The most I can do is keep <Hero> free from symptoms so we are capable of rescuing the others.

«Ai No Mikos turns head towards Brentan»

Ai No Miko: As for you, Lord Brentan, I have no idea what is keeping you immune.

Brentan: When I met with the Wuji Fleet's commander, Admiral Shen Zheng, he gave me a token of gratitude.
Brentan: A charm with a blessing, he said.

Ai No Miko: Could it be the immortal Shen 'The Radiant Mirage' Zheng?
Ai No Miko: My mother told tales of this famous naval admiral - a man said to command a ship veiled in mist.
Ai No Miko: Its shadow is shaped like a mythical sea serpent - one that swims in the depths of oceans and dreams.
Ai No Miko: Mother said that he was loved by the people of Wuji, and lauded by their Empreror for his courage and nobility.
Ai No Miko: Admiral Zheng singled out Lord Brentan as an ally, giving him the ability to resist mercury poisoning.
Ai No Miko: He means to harm my subjects, which means stories of his integrity were lies.

«Yue wakes up and Ai No Miko turns to Yue»

Yue: Uuuuuh, wait. My mom told a different story.
Yue: I don't know about honor, but he's supposed to be your great-great-great-great-great *cough*
Yue: *cough* C'mon Pieko, gimme yer best 'Arr!

«Yue goes back to sleep»

Brentan: I know this is a lot coming from me after I brushed Victoria off, but what if we talked with the Admiral?
Brentan: Or rather, in pirate terms, 'parley' with him? He didn't seem like a bad man to me.

«Ai No Miko turns head towards Brentan»

Ai No Miko: I heard that you renounced your claim to Greenguard's throne. Yet here you are.
Ai No Miko: Deep down, you still harbor the belief that you'd make a better ruler than Queen Victoria.
Ai No Miko: With how we're on the cusp of capture thanks to your decisions, I have grounds to question your judgement.

Hero: Well, he's here and ready to help now. Let's not dwell on something that's already done.

«Ai No Miko faces forward»

Ai No Miko: I will concentrate my magic on our crew, oust these tyrants, and send them doggy paddling back to Wuji!

Hero: These bloodthristy pirate act's still on? Say it the way us scurvy dogs will understand!

Ai No Miko: We be oustin' them tyrants, and send'em doggy paddlin' back to Wuji!
Ai No Miko: Lord Brentan can give them a bigger scare by pretending to be our hostage.
Ai No Miko: I mean, B'hoy Brent kay-yun give 'em a bigger scare by purtendin' ta be our hostayge.

Hero: That is a distinctly a banjo toting cowboy accent, but good enough!

Brentan: I can't exactly cry on command, but I can do my best. Again, are you sure about this?

Hero: It's all improv, so let's take it step by step. If things go south, count on me to figure it out.

«Scene shakes»

Baoyu: We're being boarded!

Hero: They be gettin' impatient! Well, let's shove those bilge-suckers off the gangplank!

«Scene fades»

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