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These items/monsters/NPCs/locations/events/shops/quests were removed from game this week and are now raresmall.png.

There are no rare items/monsters/NPCs/locations/events/shops/quests for this week (yet).

Last Week


Cathedral of Time

Corrupted Sentry
Data Glitch
Sock Goose (Monster)
Flying Pieball
Glitched Data
Incarnation of 2016
Infernal Knight Updated
Pactagonal Knight (Monster) Updated
Skeletal Warrior Updated

Cysero Updated
Data Station Aion
Data Station Erebus
Data Station Perses
Data Station Hephaestus
Gravelyn Updated
King Alteon Updated
Lim Updated
Twilly Updated
Warlic Updated

Adaleaz's Quest
Cathedral of Time's Quest
Data Station Aion's Quests
Data Station Erebus' Quest
Data Station Perses' Quests
Data Station Hephaestus' Quests
Lim's Quests
Warlic's Quests Updated

ArchAngel Defender specialsmall.png
ArchFiend Loyalist (Shop) specialsmall.png
Archive of Time Merge
Evolved LightCaster
Featured January Gear
LightCaster Class (Shop) (1)
LightCaster Class (Shop) (2)


Aegis Guardian
ArchAngel's Defender acsmall.png specialsmall.png
ArchFiend Loyalist (Armor) acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Divine Guardian Of Aegis
Evolved LightCaster (Armor) acsmall.png Updated
Sand Bandit
SandSea Guardian legendsmall.png

Capes & Back Items
Banner of the Defender acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Banner of the Loyalist acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Corrupted Sentry Cape
Divine Guardian Wings
Dunstalker's Wings legendsmall.png
Sand Guardian's Cloak and Blade legendsmall.png
Sand Guardian's Wrap legendsmall.png
Wrap of the Loyalist acsmall.png specialsmall.png

LightCaster (Class) acsmall.png

Helmets & Hoods
ArchAngel's Hood acsmall.png specialsmall.png
ArchFiend's Hood acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Sand Bandit Locks
Sand Bandit's Helm
Sand Bandit's Shave
SandSea Guardian's Faceplate legendsmall.png
SandSea Guardian's Helm legendsmall.png
SandSea Guardian's Shortcut legendsmall.png
Savior Of Aegis

Misc. Items
Aegis Armor acsmall.png
Aegis Robe acsmall.png
Aegis Ward acsmall.png
Blessed Metal acsmall.png
Data Scroll acsmall.png
Golden Faceplate acsmall.png
Time Key acsmall.png

ArchAngel's Blade Pet acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Dark Loyalist Blade Pet acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Sock Goose (Pet) legendsmall.png

SandSea Guardian's Daggers legendsmall.png

SandSea Guardian's Polearm legendsmall.png

Divine Guardian's Scythe
Incarnation of Glitches Scythe acsmall.png
SandSea Guardian's Staff legendsmall.png

Bright Blade of the Archangel acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Curved Blade of the Sands legendsmall.png
Dark Blade of the Loyalist acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Ebon Blade of Sands
Enchanted SandGuardian Blade legendsmall.png

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