New Releases

This Week


Earth Day Returns

Battleon Updated
Djinn Gate Updated
Djinn Guard
Pollution Returns
Totengeld Factory Returns

Air Spirit
CEO Totengeld Returns
Chainsaw Sneevil Returns
Earth Spirit
Ethereal Harpy
Factory Sneevil Returns
Fire Elemental (Monster) (1) Returns
Fire Spirit (2)
Flaming Harpy
Fluvial Lamia
General Pollution Returns
Horc Minion Returns
Image of Crulon
Jaan al Ard
Jaan al Bahar
Jaan al Hawa
Jaan al Nair
Kuro Returns
Loamy Lamia
Mecha Totengeld Returns
Ozone Returns
Rock Elemental (1) Returns
Stone Golem Returns
Thermax Returns
Toxic Waste Returns
Water Elemental (1) Returns
Water Spirit
Wind Elemental (1) Returns

Captain Lore (NPC) Returns

Bido's Quest
Captain Lore's Quests Returns
Crulon's Quests

Bido's Wanderer Shop
Celestial Spoils Merge
Earth Day (Shop) Returns
Featured Item Showcase Updated


Arbor Armor legendsmall.png Returns
Corrupt Sentinel acsmall.png
Djinn Warrior
Jaan Sentinel (AC) acsmall.png
Jaan Sentinel (Legend) legendsmall.png
Spirit of Air Armor
Spirit of Earth Armor
Spirit of Fire Armor legendsmall.png
Spirit of Water Armor legendsmall.png

Capes & Back Items
Dark Ward Cape acsmall.png
Djinn Warrior Blade + Sack
Djinn Warrior Sack
Elemental Orbs legendsmall.png Returns
Horns of the Jaan (AC) acsmall.png
Horns of the Jaan (Legend) legendsmall.png
Mystical Ward (AC) acsmall.png
Mystical Ward (Legend) legendsmall.png
Tainted Horns acsmall.png

Helmets & Hoods
Bucket Head Returns
Corrupt Sentinel Helm acsmall.png
Djinn Warrior Hair
Djinn Warrior Locks
Jaan Sentinel Helm (AC) acsmall.png
Jaan Sentinel Helm (Legend) legendsmall.png
Spirit of Air Helm
Spirit of Earth Helm
Spirit of Fire Helm legendsmall.png
Spirit of Water Helm legendsmall.png
Wooden Crown legendsmall.png Returns
Wooden Wisdom Returns

Misc. Items
Celestial Coin acsmall.png

Element of Heart legendsmall.png Returns
Nelson the Moglin legendsmall.png Returns
Recycle Bin Turtle legendsmall.png Returns
Recyclone legendsmall.png Returns

Rooted Axe Returns

Biofuel Blowtorch legendsmall.png Returns
Blades of the Djinn King
Blades of the Fallen Djinn
Corrupt Katana and Cutlass acsmall.png
Djinn Warrior Daggers
Dual Corrupted Katanas acsmall.png
Dual Sentinel's Katanas (AC) acsmall.png
Dual Sentinel's Katanas (Legend) legendsmall.png
Dual Wooden Hand Saws legendsmall.png Returns
Natural Daggers Returns

Hydro-Electric Blaster legendsmall.png Returns
Hydrogen Gun Returns

Polar Bear on a Stick Returns
Potato-Powered Lightning Rod legendsmall.png Returns

Blazing Solar Staff legendsmall.png Returns

Compact Fluorescent Stick legendsmall.png Returns
Earthen Staff (1) legendsmall.png Returns
Mighty Pole of Recycle Returns
Recycled Rainwater Staff legendsmall.png Returns
Tree Root Staff Returns

Blade of the Djinn King acsmall.png
Blade of the Fallen Djinn acsmall.png
Cardboard Sword Returns
Corrupt Guardian's Cutlass acsmall.png
Corrupted Sentinel's Katana acsmall.png
Guardian's Blade of Light acsmall.png
Djinn Warrior Blade
Earth Blade legendsmall.png Returns
Fire Blade legendsmall.png Returns
Jaan's Dark Ward Blade acsmall.png
Jaan's Ward Blade (AC) acsmall.png
Jaan's Ward Blade (Legend) legendsmall.png
Mystical Sentinel's Katana (AC) acsmall.png
Mystical Sentinel's Katana (Legend) legendsmall.png
Recycled Parts Blade legendsmall.png Returns
Vorpal Turbine Blade Returns
Water Blade legendsmall.png Returns
Wooden Chainsaw Returns

Recently Rare

These items/monsters/NPCs/locations/events/shops/quests were removed from game this week and are now raresmall.png.

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