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Centaur 21 Updated
GrimTea specialsmall.png
HighSeas specialsmall.png
SkyCharged specialsmall.png

Balboa (Monster) Updated
Belrot the Fiend Updated
Can of Paint Updated
Capt. Beard specialsmall.png
Dragon Drakath Updated
Earth Elemental (1) Updated
Fire Elemental (Monster) (1) (Level 25) Updated
Gladius specialsmall.png
Mana Golem (Monster) (Version 1) Updated
Pirate Crew (2) specialsmall.png
ProtoSartorium (Monster) Updated
Riddlelord's Golem Updated
Rhison (1) Updated
Rehydrated Gell Oh No specialsmall.png
Scarecrow Updated
Skeleton Crew specialsmall.png
Sky Pirate Draconian specialsmall.png
Sky Pirate Dragon specialsmall.png
Treeant (Level 3) Updated
Window Updated
Zardman Fisher Updated

Captain Stratos specialsmall.png
Elissa Keelhaul specialsmall.png
Huff, Puff, and Carl
Ragnar Updated
Sally specialsmall.png

Captain Stratos' Quests specialsmall.png
Elissa Keelhaul's Quests specialsmall.png
Huff, Puff, and Carl's Quests
Sally's Quests specialsmall.png

3 Little Wolves Houses
Arcangrove Rep Shop Updated
Doom Dragon Upgrade specialsmall.png
Featured Item Showcase Updated
Murry's Shop Updated
Seraphic Gear Updated
Warlic's Shop (2) Updated
Yokai Rep Shop Updated


DoomDragon Mount acsmall.png specialsmall.png
DoomDragon Rider acsmall.png specialsmall.png
DoomDragon's Master Mount acsmall.png specialsmall.png

Capes & Back Items
DoomDragon's Runes acsmall.png specialsmall.png
DoomDragon's Winged Runes acsmall.png specialsmall.png
DoomDragon's Wings acsmall.png specialsmall.png

Grim Necromancer (Class) acsmall.png specialsmall.png
HighSeas Commander acsmall.png specialsmall.png
SkyCharged Grenadier acsmall.png specialsmall.png

Helmets & Hoods
DoomDragon's Dark Morph acsmall.png specialsmall.png
DoomDragon's Horned Morph acsmall.png specialsmall.png
DoomDragon's Silence Morph acsmall.png specialsmall.png

House (Items)
Arcangrove Tower House acsmall.png
Citadel Caverns House acsmall.png
Citadel House acsmall.png
Clubhouse (House) acsmall.png legendsmall.png
Dragonrune Hall (House) acsmall.png
Dragonrune House acsmall.png
Falcontower House acsmall.png
Hachiko Hotel (House) acsmall.png
Seraphic Fortress acsmall.png
Tower of Magic House acsmall.png

Misc. Items
Arcangrove Blueprint
Building Material acsmall.png
Citadel Blueprint
Citadel Caverns Blueprint acsmall.png
Clubhouse Blueprint acsmall.png legendsmall.png
Decor Material acsmall.png
Dragonrune Blueprint
Falcontower Blueprint acsmall.png
Foundation Material acsmall.png
Hachiko Blueprint
Mana Golem's Core acsmall.png
Seraphic Blueprint

DoomDragon BattlePet acsmall.png specialsmall.png
DoomDragon Pet acsmall.png specialsmall.png

Dual DoomDragon Blades acsmall.png specialsmall.png

DoomDragon's Blade acsmall.png specialsmall.png

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