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AQWorlds' Birthday

Battleon Updated
Battleon Town Updated
Birthday Updated
Noxus Tower

Chocolate Cake
Doomwood Treeant (Level 10) (Version 3)
General Goldhammer
Lightguard Caster
Lightguard Paladin
Lightguard Wolf
Sanguine Souleater Level 25 (Version 2)
Slimeskull Level 10 (Version 2)

Alina Updated
Ai No Miko Updated
Artix (NPC) Updated
Captain Rhubarb Updated
Cemaros Updated
Cysero Updated
Darkness (NPC)
Gravelyn Updated
J6 Updated
Korin Updated
Memet Updated
Noxus (NPC)
Nulgath (NPC Updated
Nythera (NPC) Updated
Reens Updated
Sora to Hoshi Updated
Stryche Updated
The Hollow
Tomix + Verlyrus
Twig Updated
Zhoom Updated
Zorbak the Ebil Necromancer

10th Anniversary Nulgath Pet's Quest
10th Anniversary Paragon Pet's Quest
Artix's Quests
Darkness' Quests
Doomblade's Quests
Eternal Champion's Nulgath Pet's Quest
Eternal Champion's Paragon Pet's Quest
Gravelyn's Quests
Noxus' Quests
Zorbak the Ebil Necromancer's Quest

10th Birthday Rares
AdventureQuest Gear Updated
AQ3D Gear
DoomSkull Champion Updated
DragonFable Gear Updated
EpicDuel Gear Updated
Featured Item Showcase Updated
Founder Shop Updated
HeroSmash Gear Updated
MechQuest Gear Updated
Nulgath Diamond Shop Updated
OverSoul Gear Updated
ShadowScythe General Preview
Shadowscythe Honor Shop
Undead Legion Merge Updated
Zorbak's Merge Shop


Disguised Sepulchure (Temp) temporarysmall.png
Eternal Champion (AC) acsmall.png
Eternal Champion (Legend) legendsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion (AC) acsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion (Legend) legendsmall.png
Shadowscythe Templar acsmall.png
Sepulchure (Temp) temporarysmall.png

Capes & Back Items
10 Floating Pixels Cape acsmall.png
Eternal Champion's Wings acsmall.png
Eternal Flame of DOOM (Legend) legendsmall.png
Eternal Flame of DOOM (AC) acsmall.png
Nulgath's Dragon Wings acsmall.png
Paragon's Dragon Wings acsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Wings acsmall.png
ShadowScythe Templar Back Blade acsmall.png
ShadowScythe Templar's Battle Cape acsmall.png
ShadowScythe Templar Cape acsmall.png

ShadowScythe General acsmall.png legendsmall.png

Helmets & Hoods
Eternal Champion's Beard acsmall.png
Eternal Champion's Horns (AC) acsmall.png
Eternal Champion's Horns (Legend) legendsmall.png
Eternal Champion's Locks acsmall.png
Eternal Champion's Scarf acsmall.png
Nulgath's Party Helm acsmall.png
Paragon Party Helm acsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Beard acsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Horns (AC) acsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Horns (Legend) legendsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Locks acsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Scarf acsmall.png
Sepulchure's Original Helm acsmall.png
ShadowScythe Templar's Crest acsmall.png
ShadowScythe Templar's Horns acsmall.png
ShadowScythe Templar's Helm acsmall.png

House (Items)
Copper Dragon Statue (L)
Copper Dragon Statue (R)
Copper Sepulchure Statue (L)
Copper Sepulchure Statue (R)
Gold Dragon Statue (L)
Gold Dragon Statue (R)
Gold Sepulchure Statue (L)
Gold Sepulchure Statue (R)
Platinum Dragon Statue (L)
Platinum Dragon Statue (R)
Platinum Sepulchure Statue (L)
Platinum Sepulchure Statue (R)

Misc. Items
Copper Scale
Gold Scale
Gravelyn's DoomFire Token acsmall.png Updated
Lore's Champion Seal acsmall.png specialsmall.png
Platinum Scale

10th Anniversary Frogcherion acsmall.png legendsmall.png
10th Anniversary Nulgath Pet acsmall.png
10th Anniversary Paragon Pet acsmall.png
10th Birthday Cake acsmall.png legendsmall.png
Dragon Friend Twilly Pet acsmall.png
Eternal Champion's Nulgath Pet acsmall.png
Eternal Champion's Paragon Pet acsmall.png
Fish and ClawgCream Pet legendsmall.png
The Brutalest 'Corn acsmall.png
Twilly's Platinum Dragon Friend acsmall.png foundersmall.png

Axe of the Light acsmall.png

Eternal Champion's Daggers
Eternal Champion's Dual Katanas legendsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Dual Katanas legendsmall.png
Platinum Eternal Champion's Daggers
ShadowScythe Templar Accoutrements acsmall.png

Undead Boomstick

Hammer of the Light acsmall.png
Mace of the Light acsmall.png

The Rose's Engraved Polearm

Astor's Blade
Blade of the Light acsmall.png
Cursed Katana
Eternal Champion's Katana acsmall.png
LightBlade of Necryptos
Platinum Eternal Champion's Katana acsmall.png
Pearl Dragon Blade
Royal ShadowScythe Blade
ShadowScythe Templar Claymore acsmall.png
ShadowScythe Templar Messer acsmall.png

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