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These items/monsters/NPCs/locations/events/shops/quests were removed from game this week and are now raresmall.png.

There are no rare items/monsters/NPCs/locations/events/shops/quests for this week (yet).

Last Week


Good Luck Day Returns

Hedge Maze Returns
Luck Dragon Returns
Rainbow Returns
Shamrock Fair Updated

A.R.C Returns
Chest (3) Returns
Guardian Luck Dragon Returns
Lucky Harms Returns
Monochrome Returns
Pot O' Gold
Rainbow Rat Returns

Box Head (NPC) Returns
Fair-y Faeries Returns
Galanoth Returns
Luckee (NPC) Returns
Moglin Wallace (NPC) Returns
Mog O'Rahilly (NPC) Returns
Potsy McNobbins
Roy "G" Biv Returns
Shy Mog (NPC) Returns
William Sneevil (NPC) Returns
Woodland Faeries Returns

Mog O' Rahilly's Quests Returns
Potsy McNobbins' Quests
Rainbow Quests Returns
Roy "G" Biv's Quests Returns
Twilly's Quests Updated
William Sneevil's Quest Returns

Battle Gems Game Gear Returns
Fair Token Shop Returns
Featured March Gear Updated
Luckdragon Merge Shop Returns
Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop Returns


Celtic Caster legendsmall.png Returns
Celtic Cutthroat legendsmall.png Returns
Celtic Destroyer legendsmall.png Returns
Clovercraft acsmall.png
Dark Mime acsmall.png
Emerald Earth Mage acsmall.png
Evolved Leprechaun Armor Returns
Imperium Leo acsmall.png Returns
Leprechaun Armor Returns
Lucky 2k17 acsmall.png
Lucky Jester Mime acsmall.png
Lucky Knight Returns
Lucky Looter
Scrooge McLuck legendsmall.png Returns
Street Mime acsmall.png

Capes & Back Items
Celeritas Leo acsmall.png Returns
Celtic Caster Wrap Returns
Celtic Wings acsmall.png
Clovercraft Minion Cape acsmall.png
Clovercraft Cauldron Cape acsmall.png
Gold Sack on your Back Returns
Luckiest Lorikeet Feathers legendsmall.png Returns
Lucky Broadsword on your Back legendsmall.png Returns
Lucky Gold Cape
Lucky Lycaena Wings legendsmall.png Returns
Lucky Rune Cape acsmall.png
Prismatic Cat's Tail (1) legendsmall.png Returns
Shamrock Cape Returns
Shamrock Sparkles acsmall.png
Sword McLuck Cape legendsmall.png Returns

Evolved Leprechaun (AC) acsmall.png Returns
Evolved Leprechaun (Merge) acsmall.png Returns

Helmets & Hoods
Bearded Leprechaun Hat Returns
Bucket O' Gold Returns
Celtic Caster Hood legendsmall.png Returns
Celtic Cutthroat Hood Returns
Celtic Destroyer Helm Returns
Clovercraft Morph acsmall.png
Dark Mime Hat acsmall.png
Dark Mime Locks acsmall.png
Dark Mime Morph Hat acsmall.png
Dark Mime Morph Locks acsmall.png
Emerald Mage Hood acsmall.png
Emerald Mage Hood Morph acsmall.png
Fremitus Leo Helm acsmall.png Returns
Fremitus Leo Locks acsmall.png Returns
Leprechaun Hat Returns
Lucky 2k17 Beard acsmall.png
Lucky 2k17 Locks acsmall.png
Lucky Boy Hair
Lucky Girl Locks
Lucky Hat acsmall.png Returns
Lucky Jester Mime Morph acsmall.png
Lucky Jester Mime Locks Morph acsmall.png
Lucky Knight's Helm Returns
Lucky Rainbow Unicorn Hat Returns
Scrooge McLuck Helm legendsmall.png Returns
Sneaky Lucky Looter Hair
Sneaky Lucky Looter Locks
Street Mime Locks acsmall.png
Street Mime Hat acsmall.png
Street Mime Morph Hat acsmall.png
Street Mime Morph Locks acsmall.png

Misc. Items
Bag of Gold (2) Returns
BIG Bag of Gold (1) Returns
BIGGER Bag of Gold Returns
BIGGEST Bag of Gold Returns
Golden Ticket Returns
Heavy Bag of Gold (1) Returns
Heavy Bag of Gold (2)
Lucky Clover Returns
Platinum Coin acsmall.png
Rainbow Coin acsmall.png
Rainbow Shard Returns
Small Bag of Gold Returns

Battle Gems Anubus legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems DeathKnight legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems Dimetrodon legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems Gorillaphant legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems Hyena legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems Minoootaur legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems Ninetail legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems SnowWolf legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems Troll legendsmall.png Returns
Battle Gems Werewolf legendsmall.png Returns
Box Head (Pet) legendsmall.png Returns
Clovercraft Bank Pet acsmall.png
Clovercraft Pet acsmall.png
Luckee (Pet) legendsmall.png Returns
Mog-O'Rahilly (Pet) legendsmall.png Returns
Moglin Wallace (Pet) legendsmall.png Returns
Pet Rainbow Rat legendsmall.png Returns
Pot O' Gold Battlepet acsmall.png legendsmall.png
Pot O' Gold Pet legendsmall.png
Pot of Gold Pet legendsmall.png Returns
Shy Mog (Pet) legendsmall.png Returns
Snee-Vo the Clown (Pet) legendsmall.png Returns
Sneevilchaun legendsmall.png Returns
William Sneevil (Pet) legendsmall.png Returns

Amethyst Axe Returns
Citrine Axe Returns
Clover Axe Returns
Emerald Axe Returns
Heavy Celtic AxeReturns
Ruby Axe Returns
Sapphire Axe Returns

Golden Clover Cleavers acsmall.png
Golden Mugs acsmall.png
Leprechaun's Curse Returns
Lucky Emerald Cutter Returns
Simple Celtic Dagger legendsmall.png Returns
Ultio Leo Daggers acsmall.png Returns

Double RainBow legendsmall.png Returns

Celtic Paddle of Pain Returns
Clover Cleaver Returns
Gold Sack Returns
Golden Clover Cleaver (Mace) acsmall.png
Golden Mug acsmall.png
Green Swirly Candy Stick acsmall.png
Lucky Hammer Returns
Purple Swirly Candy Stick acsmall.png
Red Swirly Candy Stick acsmall.png
Snee-Vo's Mallet Returns
Three Leaf Clover Returns
Whack O' Mallet Returns

Amethyst Poleaxe Returns
Citrine Poleaxe Returns
Emerald Poleaxe Returns
Golden Clover Cleaver (Polearm) Returns
Ruby Poleaxe Returns
Sapphire Poleaxe Returns
Shamrockin' Scythe legendsmall.png Returns

Clover Staff of Fire legendsmall.png Returns
Clover Staff of Garden legendsmall.png Returns
Clover Staff of Ice legendsmall.png Returns
Emerald Gem Staff acsmall.png
Emerald Intricacy Staff Returns
Golden Shamrock Staff Returns
Kelly's Charm Staff legendsmall.png Returns
Lucky Charm Returns
Lucky Day Staff acsmall.png

Claymore of the Celts Returns
Clover Chopper Returns
Fortune Bringer legendsmall.png Returns
Fortune's Blade legendsmall.png Returns
Fortune's Protector legendsmall.png Returns
Kismet's Edge Returns
Malachite Cutter Returns
Lucky Sword Returns
Sword McLuck legendsmall.png Returns
Sword of Caledonia Returns
Sword of Rainbows legendsmall.png Returns
Ultio Leo acsmall.png Returns
Viridian Twist Sword Returns

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