New Contract


«Scene: the Castle of Glass»

«The Hero defeats Chihuly, which shatters to pieces»

Glassbinder: NOOOOOO!

«The Hero puts the Glassbinder in handcuffs»

Hero: Pretty much, yep.

Glassbinder: Gasp! Cold iron!

Hero: Oh, gosh! Is that your weakness, "Tiffany"?

Glassbinder: Please, it is already weakening me! You have to get them off!

Hero: I'd love to!
Hero: But there's just one thing I'll need for you to do for me first.

«The Hero holds out the contract that they signed»

«The Glassbinder looks at the contract»

Glassbinder: …Fine.

«The Glassbinder destroys the contract in a blaze of blue fire»

Glassbinder: Happy now?

Hero: Almost. Just a second…

«The Hero holds up another piece of paper to the Glassbinder»

Glassbinder: <Hero>? Where did you…

Hero: You bet.

Glassbinder: Ugh, ok, ok. Whatever it takes to get me out of these things.

«The Glassbinder signs the paper»

Glassbinder: There.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Twilly: So, you really just let her go?

Hero: Well, yeah. With that kind of muzzle on her, she should be pretty harmless.

Twilly: Twilly hopes you're right.

Hero: Yeah, me too.

Twilly: Twilly doesn't want to have to save your bacon like that again.

Hero: Wait, what?

«Scene fades»

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