Darkblood Mage and Craft Magic Professor
Why hello! I am Neveya, and I see you're interested in Magic Crafting. Me too, teheehe! I am Dragonrune Hall's Craft Magic Professor, and I will teach you everything you need to know. And maybe you'll teach me something, too!

Spell Crafting
Spell Crafting is fun AND fundamental to every magic user. With my help, I can teach you how to apply magical properties to all sorts of items, like Cloth (super absorbent you know!) and Gemstones for Amulets. We are going to have so much fun together. Let's begin!

- AC Spell Inks
- Arcane Quill Shop
- Neveya's Quests
- Spell Ink
- Spellcraft Rep Shop

During the 'Welcome to Dragonrune Hall' quest:

Darkblood Mage and Craft Magic Professor
Pleased to meet you! I'm Neveya, head of the School of Crafting. Interested in making your own Spell Scrolls? Come to me!



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