Never Twust A Cweepy Elf



«Scene: the Hero has defeated Jalnar once again»

Jalnar: No!

«Jalnar starts glowing»

Jalnar: NO!

«Jalnar's glow fills the entire screen»


«Scene fades to white»

«Scene: the ice melts from the captured children»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Blizzy and the Hero»

Blizzy: Omigosh! They ARE alive!

Hero: His magic was keeping them frozen.
Hero: Now that he's gone… it's gone, too.

«Chilly and Blizzy hug»

Blizzy: Chilly! Blizzy is SO GLAD to have you back safe and sound!

Chilly: Chilly is NEVER going to twust a cweepy elf again!

«A baby yeti hugs the Hero's leg»

Hero: Oh… hey there, baby yeti!
Hero: I think your grandma's going to be happy to see you!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the yeti's cave»

Grandma Yeti: Thank you for rescuing my grandson, Moknak.

Ice Master Yeti: He seems to really like you!

Hero: Here's hoping we never have to worry about THAT guy again.
Hero: Though, MAN, there's always SOMETHING, isn't there?
Hero: Can't just drink eggmog and open Frostval gifts.
Hero: Gotta fight some giant, frozen jerk first.

Chilly: We can have eggmog and pwesents NOW though, wight?

Blizzy: Yes, Chilly. ALL the eggmog and pwesents.

«Scene fades»

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